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  1. You're such an 'upbeat' guy, nG!! :lol: Is your signature an ode to a recently deceased king amongst men? R.I.P Johnny Cash, the man in black. "The beer i had for breakfast tasted good, so i had one more for desert"
  2. VitaminC

    On my travels

    If I get back to bristol and find those tnp bastards are everywhere, there'll be hell to pay!;)
  3. VitaminC

    On my travels

    Before a recent football match between Argentina and Brazil, an Argentinian condom company came up with an ad to show the Brazilians what they were going to do to them: http://pnavy.com/vitamin/albums/album02/Argentina_Ad.jpg'> When Brazil won the match, its Football organization replied to the ad. http://pnavy.com/vitamin/albums/album02/Brazil_Reply.jpg'>
  4. VitaminC

    On my travels

    Re: ... Really like the eko throw up bottom left. Makes me want to invent a throw up that doesn't suck.
  5. VitaminC

    On my travels

    I walking in on my bird getting rogered by some filthy piece the other day. She's so dumped: http://pnavy.com/vitamin/albums/album01/cheat.jpg'>
  6. RIGHT! You asked for it! Ha ha, I must have logged on to 12oz about 10 times today, I've been so fucking bored! Hence flicks from me, when I usually can't be arsed to upload any. More envelopes: can't find the rest, oh well ---> http://pnavy.com/vitamin/albums/album01/01_3.sized.jpg'> . http://pnavy.com/vitamin/albums/album01/01_G.sized.jpg'> I imagine I'll have some more crap to upload in the near future. you lucky dogs.
  7. some UK styles ok, there's some pretty out-there stuff on this thread, which I don't come near to. But here are a few of my plain old photoshop colouring-in-of-scanned-in-outlines. Plus you can't beat rocking the porn! (flicks originally in UK sketches thread) http://pnavy.com/vitamin/albums/album01/bling.jpg'> http://pnavy.com/vitamin/albums/album01/ekto02.jpg'> http://pnavy.com/vitamin/albums/album01/ekto03.jpg'> p.s: would definately like to see more of joker's illustrator drawings. And in general more illustrator drawings. Loving the graphic drawings earlier on in the thread.
  8. VitC says 'get the fuck up'. No probs, lets see more sketches! I'd post more, but I'm afraid i might be boring you. http://pnavy.com/vitamin/albums/album01/01_2.jpg'> ps: cheers for the tip off about 'photo-navy' nG.
  9. yet another one from the breast-obsessed ekto: http://pnavy.com/vitamin/albums/album01/ekto03.jpg'>
  10. got another photoshopped sketch from Mr. Ekto esq. ---> http://pnavy.com/vitamin/albums/album01/ekto02.sized.jpg'>
  11. meanwhile, more sketches: http://pnavy.com/vitamin/albums/album01/05_G.jpg'> - Doodlings i did on some bird's hand (she fell asleep on her hand and ended up with a print on her face - haha!) http://pnavy.com/vitamin/albums/album01/bling.jpg'> http://pnavy.com/vitamin/albums/album01/02_G.jpg'> - and some sketches from ekto dpv
  12. bored at work At a really boring summer job, Idid tons of stupid drawings on the backs of envelopes. Here's one, I'll stick up more if anyones likes it: http://pnavy.com/vitamin/albums/album01/01_1.jpg'>
  13. (From 1st page - only just found this thread) Nice one nG, like it alot. Better than the one I did, definately!! Halo was saying you had some rather nice characters!
  14. VitaminC

    uk wall flixs

    It was sort of the point that the pieces were all squashed together, with no background. It would have just been a production on a wall somewhere, otherwise!
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