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rick flair

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  1. New project i've been working on with a bunch of my NY based homies. www.liveatsheloftshow.com i (Rick Flair) did all of the set designs, my boy Tone (editing and directing) as well as, Joe Marconi, Vinnie, and Brian O'tool (producer of MTV's teen mom) on video, my home girl Texas took the photos, Pan Baret as the interviewer, johnny on the rocks on sound and a few other people who help along the way. check it out and tell me what you think! www.liveatsheloftshow.com
  2. its good to finally see some descent pieces with new style... wear retro clothing... dont pant retro pieces!
  3. rick flair

    Kem 5

    this dude is a beast!!
  4. brazil is like being in NYC in the summer, but all the girls are walking around the city in bikinis!! so fuckin fresh!!!
  5. [/img] new jenkins jackets!! now your girl can be broke back too bitches!!
  6. yeah i think i'll keep all my secrets to myself!! i might lose a job to one of yall for postin my font connection on here
  7. new mens store in Jersey city!! life... http://www.lifejc.com
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