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  1. u have to be a idiot. i dont understand how i bit ur name when i started off writing "siknis" not once have i ever seen u write siknis EVER. now thank you for blowing up my name an exposing my identity on the internet. "YOURS" truly HINT HINT!!
  2. sobr sick dark all from 502!
  3. people are fuckin dumb...IF I COULD CLOSE THIS FUCKIN THREAD I WOULD HAVE A LONG TIME AGO AND NOT LET THIS SHIT TALK CONTINUE...DICKEHEADS LIKE TO BAN SO... I dont care yo ill battle im not a lil bitch or nothin ive never heard of u but fuck it...a sketch and then the piece eh? thats cake lmao whats this battle set on...jus for fun? maybe livin up louisville a lil? we need it..i tried to battle little kid ods but he was scared for his life...i promise i wont hurt you =) SIKE ill beat ur head in...but neways yea i tried to email someone and let me get back on recknhoodz and i dont see it happenin...so this thread remains...
  4. all these no namers talkin shit...god damn..im fuckin wack and i have more room to talk about neone on this lame ass thread!...get ur name out and come talk to me!... =)
  5. maybe if u write me and email or something 502 we can....yall act like i give a fuck...ods dont ever fuckin type again or im knockin outur front teeth..meet me somewhere u lil bitch!..i would be more than happy to hand ur teeth back to you!..your nothin but a lil bitch..and now u can be a toy for typin? wtf god kid get a life go paint get ur name up or something...stop wastin ur fuckin time on this thread talkin shit..HAVE A REASON TO TALK SHIT..maybe if u got up or had ur name out...ppl wouldnt hate but since u talk soo much shit..i dont think neone is gonna like u!..jus meet me is all im sayin...u claim u wanna whoop me..haha but yea lets do it chump dont be scared...502 email me state ur name and we can battle..
  6. hahaha what a fuckin loser^^....i cant delete this thread cuz they banned me...thumbs down..and 502 u stupid moterfucker...theres 9 fuckin ppl in ack soon to 12 if u knew shit about graffit u dumb fuckin idoit!..shut ur mouth before i shut it for u!!
  7. ods keep ur toy ass comments to ur self...u talk and noone listens...and sf1 u wont battle so therefore ur not shit...fuck off both u lame muthafucker and ods ill see u on the streets..ack is lookin for you son... :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. as soon as i go to erase it i get banned...what a bunch of bullshit..12 oz can eat a fuckn dick..fuck a thread its simply retarded ne way..im about to start a fuckin site or something this shit jus aint workin ill post info on the site at later date...
  9. http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/5142/39179'>
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