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  1. Tryin to front like you hella hard, thats why you was actin shook when SekS called you. You were dissin him because you were mad that someone called you CASTRO. You post like you are some ghetto black thug. Ive seen you before, I know who you are. Do you think im so ignorant that I dont know what Im getting myself into when I talk shit? Fucken homo ill handle your bitchass with ease. Fucken rookie what kinda work you put in huh? Busta ass mark mother fucker ill stab you with a rusty screwdriver on your block nigga what you know bout that? :huh2: Oh yeah, and another thing. You ac
  2. REZA YOUR A FUCKEN TOY. You act scary because youre from ****? Sucka ass nigga. Thinkin youre hard cause you used to run with the football team? Sayin you banked on Noc, nigga who is you? You hit him once, threw a haymaker and missed. Then he busted your shit. And once he connected you collapsed to the floor like the pussy that you really are. Talkin bout IM the internet gangsta nigga you the one shoutin out blocks and hypin up your name on the net. Niggas who fuck with me know what im about. The fuck you know about graffiti politics or the street? Come with ur shank huh? Bitch ill hunt you li
  3. 1) Iner's wildstyle is NOT sick. His one flow is so-so. Id rather see SekS' "simple" hands than some wannabe wildstyle on noriega. 2) Iner cant piece. He had throwies running but they got buffed. M tracks BUFFED. 31st yard BUFFED. Dead Man BUFFED. Looks like yall on the same level now huh? 3) taggin with kids 4 years younger?? whatdaphuc ? Daym CASTRO, it looks like Noc busted ur shit pretty hard cuz u sound pretty fucken RETARDED in ur posts. If ur tryin to flow ill destroy you, quit doing graffiti, but do us all a favor and keep hackin EARSO. hahahaha. Think you a savage. I figur
  4. Rack Paint is that you Castro? I heard u started flowin. If your pansy ass is gonna get SMASHED by NOC your light years away from fuckin with me. Fuckin kids. Rackin paint huh? Thats why Iner asks people to buy him paint. :lol:
  5. Lets get something straight. Aint nobody scared of a bunch of faggot ass high school kids from the sunset. U think Im hangin off seks' dick ur a fucken fool. Im just backin my nigga up from you punks. Besides that I know who INER is, and if he wants beef let him bring it. I KNOW WHERE U LIVE. I KNOW UR MOMMA WORKS AT WALGREENS.
  6. Nigguh wut? Heard ur some ugly potato-lookin black kid from the sunset. Comin with that attitude like u hard or somethin. I put in work while ur a dickriding pussy. Whose styles are you biting now? sin, japan, or skrag? U GOT OFFENDED BECAUSE I SPOKE THE TRUTH. ---------> this is me :evil: ---------> this is you :shook: watch yo ass son wen i catch you ima gut you like a trout
  7. bump for VFR that guy is fresh, lets get some more flicks in here.
  8. find a job keep hustlin work for dem dollas get my ride
  9. got down in a mcdonalds bathroom once. in the disabled stall...haha. took a long ass shower when i got home.
  10. fuck Jarule pussy ass shook one faggot cant come out with a hit unless he got a bitch in his video. Mucho props to eminem for ripping that coward a new asshole.
  11. .kode_ReD*


    bump for the minigun! those things are badass.
  12. has venom ever fused with carnage? that would b dope as hell.
  13. reminisce, erupto, kzam, 10fold, that tree guy...?
  14. ^^^Who is this kid? Iner the only thing your running is NORIEGA. On the other hand SekS came up in the past couple months. Ive seen him crushing the sunset, hit money spots in downtown, potrero hill, fillmore, san mateo, and various trucks. On top of that hes been writing for less than half the time that you have and his handstyle has already surpassed yours. Also, Ive been seeing him put in work consistantly. Compare that to your one night noriega spree. That shit is pathetic. And whats up with you running with TOYS??? EARS??? ASTRO (he should change his name to castro cause this kid is GHEYY
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