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  1. how funny would it be to be the person she was sending that to live? :haha:
  2. wow that was long. sorry. fightin just excites me. and jumping people is stupid. but if you cant beat someone with 2 people you deserve to get your ass beat. my 2 cents. eh and kiss my ass for the trrible grammar, typing, spelling, punctuation. i havent had a computer in weeks my thoughts are going faster then my fingers.
  3. i dont normally look for fights but i am an instigator for sure ill admit that. i dont know why it just my nature. im not like a dick for no reason but if someone is trying to be a tough guy ill be the one sayin shit to him i dont know why ive gotten beat lots of times but ive won prolly the same if not more as ive lost. i dont back down even when i know i damn well i should. i just love fighting. ive takin martial arts kickboxing i was in the Army. i just wish i was bigger. im only 6'1 150 lbs on a good day. but im insane when i need to be cause of the army shit but i dont lose focus from all
  4. love this movie. seen it in theaters when it came out an bought the dvd now that its out. soo good i love the extras
  5. venus razors are amazing for that job.
  6. Slayer- decade of agression disc 1
  7. damn yall be fightin with these kids about being gay and shit. yo just ignore their ass. i mean we(gays, bi's) certanly arent gonna change for them and who gives a fuck about them for real. if they wanna believe all gays are limp wristed fairys let em. itll be twice as funny when they get served in front of their friends. cause i know mad gay dudes who dont fuck around and will straight whoop a motherfuckers ass for talkin some shit. so lets just carry on our thread, answer questions, talk to eachother or the gay friendly 12ozers, or just let it die. p.s. hope yall had a good christmas.
  8. he needs to make it so it can lean at the waste otherwise it will ony be able to go on level ground if it can walk without falling period. and i doubt he did that
  9. iced_tea

    picture hunt

    thats alot of shit. and think link is fucked up.
  10. what movie is this?? Quoted post [/b] the movie is Boondock Saints. Seanpatrick Flannery and Norman Reedus are amazing and someone has gotta know who this is stunning man is.
  11. well ill voice my opinion also, cause its the internet and i can. uh metrosexuals are still straight so i think the same thing about them as heterosexuals. personally its a pretty wierd label. just because someone wants to take care of themselves and be fashionable doesnt change their sexuality so why theyre givin their own sexual identity is strange to me. its prolly just paranoia of the macho straight guy. itd be just too "feminine" or too"gay" to actually want to look good and do something about other then put on some terrible cologne and goto the gym once a week. and rage here a
  12. :love2: :love2: great movie. since you girls hook the hot girl thread up sometimes. ill helpt his one out. and the bradd pitt picture is amazing.
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