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  1. i like the first one better but both of em pretty much suck...but keep practicing man
  2. nightagger

    Thret Asc

    tight shit man....i like the ones that arent colord better but thats just my opinion....peace
  3. nightagger


    i like em all but im really feelin the one of the hour glass...
  4. not bad at all....ive seen people start out at a lot worse ;)
  5. CLOSE THIS stupid rookies...
  6. not bad...not bad at all...id say yur off to a pretty good start ;)
  7. overall i dont think they're bad at all but the letter structure could use a little work....
  8. dont hate man....were kinda just startin out....and no one starts out as good as everyone else
  9. nightagger


    im diggin the style but im thinkin it would look a lot better if the word was a little longer :confused: but thats just my opinion...
  10. nightagger

    MatR Sketches

    dont get me wrong they're all sick as fuck and much better than what i can do for the most part but some of em get a little too crazy for my blood but still awsome for writing for only 2 years....very good start!!! :king:
  11. nightagger


    im really feelin it man....expecially like the colors
  12. see its kinda hard to be doin somethin to be "cool" when you dont tell anyone that you do it you fuckin retard....i didnt even tell my fiance that i did graff till a month ago and weve been together for 5 years....and as far as being 12....im prolly older than you beings that i have 2 kids!!! but thats not the point....the point is however old we are we are fighting like a couple of 12 year olds over some stupid shit so i guess im gonna have to be man enough and call it truths and id like to say im sorry if i affended you by picking on the poor kid and his shitty work cuz after all thats what started this hole mess
  13. i like it a lot but the question is....can you paint that???
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