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  1. Yep it revitalises an empty marker
  2. this is a good one monster powerstain
  3. smut2


    i watched it last night....and found many of the sections esp uk trians didnt work, neither did extra's. What worse is its a copied dvd..u know the ones that r blue on the underside....where u can multy buy form record stores. then they sell it for £20.. :hatred: Quoted post [/b] dont buy it its fucked up dont even work :hatred: .its a cheap blue copy disk.1/2 the parts dont play at all.and thats just not my dvd 8 people that i know who have it its not playing for them aswell. i am getting it coded this week and will put it up on soulseek in the next few weeks
  4. heres a bit of info i have seen.the company have made some old skool colors/ skool bus yellow (traffic yellow)/sand brown/ tostedbrown/red devil/ icey grape(sig violet)/ baby blue/kool blue/old skool pink(hot pink) they had to change some of the names for legal shit..it comes out and covers like old rusto http://www.monstercolors.com/info03.php
  5. smut2


    is it just me or is all that stuff looking well dated like from barcelona back in 98/99 is the date stamp on that style up.?????
  6. omen two that is so tolaly true.i have been talking to a ink chemist and he told me the very same thing.with the only exception of break flue as it eats in to metal.but in turn waters down your shit.here in euroland the best i find is nero for black or powerstain all colors and fibeing/red/purple for colors. adding shit just fcuks it up.. the man omen knows his shit end of story
  7. fatbucks is a good mag no trendy add etc lifesucksdie magazine. for its prawn ha ha hard 2 burn for berlin trains wanted mag for euro action 12oz for style cancontrol for old skool stuff
  8. and can you explain why you come on here just to give a thumbs down smut2????.. pointless really don't you think old scrap yard leicester.. this is where NOTTS1 does most of his panels an claims them to be runners from hardcore yards.. the thumbs down is not for the flicks.
  9. nero/power stain and a bit of add in it works a beltter
  10. nero/power stain and a bit of add in it works a beltter
  11. now this600ml can is the real deal only made for the one thing the phatest thing ever covers wet chrome the lot one shot http://www.monstercolors.com/store01.php?P...1afcc059bb64120 love ever thing about that can :p
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