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  1. and they're up... send sneakers. ps- get a female cap off a hair spray and use the parrot, true blue is good to use also... use your old cans that is why we started collecting... of course some of us actually painted before the internet and way before montana and belton made every color under the sun... so u wanted lime green you had to hunt down some jungle and use it sparingly maybe holding one can on the side cause it has some nostalgic sentiment and u wont see it again...
  2. here they come fellas, i am unleashing some heat to the bay tonite or tomorrow morning, whenever my camera batteries are done charging. this will be a 4 day auction, cause honestly fuck the bullshit, i am not trying to milk you dudes for every last cent, i dont have the room anymore. you will see Red Devils, Krylon notch tops, 68's, 66's, 63's! ingredient labels, name labels, Rust-oleum 73's, 72's, 67's!!! AVOCADOS!!! and that includes the covetted Big Bantam picture can avocado as well as the tin top utilac. chinese reds!! the sears jungle green. all my picture cans, mini big bantams, mini d
  3. this is the best advice here. i broke up a bird once and she had a friend who she knew sweated me but didn't want to believe it. i calmly informed her a month after the break up that i wasn't streesing her at all and had forgotten how many bitches sweat me. she began to rebut my claim of this, "yeah you think mad girls sweat you but..." i interjected with "yeah i guess your right i guess "her girlfriend" (who was a smoking hot greek dime piece) doesn't either." she says "no she doesn't at all, god you are so full of yourself" and that is when i dropped it on her hard as fuck with: yep i gues
  4. i don't know why it said pick-up only, sly good looks on the heads up. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...AMESE%3AIT&rd=1
  5. hit me on the cell or aim before this auction ends
  6. let me know slyle, come thru this weekend or some shit. i'll hook u up, and yes i need users.
  7. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...AMESE%3AIT&rd=1 57 cans!
  8. no shit, yo where's george at in this flick, weird to see people you know randomly on 12 oz.
  9. basicly some trife bird denied dude so he rubbed one out instead...
  10. what the fuck are you talking about??? theyve been sayin "YO" in philly for GENERATIONS... its a fucking language STAPLE here... Quoted post [/b] nah son, i invented that shit, all me. i did that right after i invented long division and the internet. ask about me.
  11. beat your kids 2005... this time out generation shit is absolutely terrible. kids need to be disciplined as well as toughened up. these kids nowadays are such homo-thugs. i remember having televisions thrown at me, my head cracking the ceiling when i was launched into it by my neck, chairs broken over me, countless backhands... and i really appreciate it now... it makes you stronger, you gain better reflexes and next time you won't be so quick to iginite your high school on fire with paint thinner. all you kids who never were hit or nothing, i really feel for, it has got to suck being such
  12. i came up with this term we use a lot, we say "yo" it is kind of like "hey"... yeah it's pretty neat.
  13. my boy is going to be selling a HUGE amount of vintage paint, big lots... mad odds, krylon, devils, rustos, and even home cotes... needs the loot and hate to see it go but hopefully it will get a good home. check ebay this week.
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