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  1. ohhhhhhh nice work really fresh
  2. ok ill give a little advise..try and get stuff looking neat. so take ya time..a lot of taht stuff just looks rushed and messy...
  3. ^^ hottttttttttness. im still laughing at far.... nice work alround guys
  4. hey i been away for a while..gotta say bad...love ya stuff...reminds me a lot of mysterious al. guess thats a big compliment!
  5. hi i havent posted on here for months...some sick work on this thread...im geting some new stuff together......will add soon!
  6. O Mei Shan is/was a shaolin temple. It means "great white mountain" i thouhgt that just kicks fuckin ass
  7. ^^^ how true for someone who is whack themselves you sure talk a lot of shit about other peoples work.....how bout a battle toad???
  8. fuck man you own this thread...i cant wait to get some of them puppies in my book!!!
  9. do ninjas regularly wear white sports socks? or is this "the new age ninja"? one that kicks your ass and then does your washing, making whites whiter than white>?
  10. Its spelling class...the teacher asks the children " ok children i want some one to give me a word with 10 letters" johnny jumps up "masterbate miss!" "ooh thats a mouthfull johnny" replies the teacher "no miss your thinking of blowjob thats 7 letters!" hahahahahahah a classic! why does noddy wear a lttle hat with a bell on it? cos hes a cunt what do blondes use a protection during sex? a bus shelter! why did the blonde have square tits? forgot to take the tissues out of the box!!!
  11. find a really big tree and climb it naked....drive cars around, paint , all kinda stuff......what what be better would be if you had a remote control so you could pause time....that would rock. pause time and fuck some sexy chick you see in the street hahahah just start time again for a bit so food is made and shit, pause it again and do what you want
  12. fuckin track and field was the shit!!! how my fingers hurt after a session. ( hmm undertones )
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