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  1. MAVEN


    The last Know peice is pure Fire, like the K and the S the most it would look even better with some pumps, you know keep it coming...
  2. MAVEN


    yeah i like Wane's blocky style better it has more appeal, That RIS stylo is coo 2 but u lose letter while doing it. well thats my 2 cent In any case WAne is certified dope.
  3. id really would like to see the FC has landed production my fav FC production, i remember the teal green outline the army fill ins, right now is like a vague memory
  4. U paint with Serve, U bound to get served http://www.graffiti.org/daim/fx07.jpg'>
  5. T-kid is Peruvain, i honestly dont think so, but is news to me if he is I heard Duro, Dondi's boy is Peruvian true or false i like the way he pronounces Negotiate in style wars...
  6. I heard that LADY PINK from new york is Peruvian that true? or what
  7. lima I was in lima not too long ago ilike the panamericana walls too bad i got caped if i had some beltons i would have rock it
  8. http://www.aerosolplanet.com/images/GRAFFITI%20WEBSITE/PEOPLE%20CHARLIE%201L.JPG'> i beleive thats your idol charlie<---
  9. http://paintmyface.puregraffiti.com/miami/miami-15_x250.jpg'> spades letters, fill ins, 3ds, pumps still on deck much respect
  10. Dez coming correct with them fillins, been doing it too long to come off wrong i suppose. Cope deux still doing his thing Dang! West still got the letters on deck and Bates always taking show wish i had been there
  11. http://www.spinemagazine.com/images/features/visual/west/34.jpg'> FBA should go on tour to europe and bust some wholecars know what I'am saying<---
  12. dzeas http://www.50mmlosangeles.com/state/q2.JPG'>
  13. MAVEN

    For your girl

  14. http://www.spinemagazine.com/images/features/visual/west/48.jpg'>
  15. THE ISHH http://www.at149st.com/images/fc4.jpg'> :king:
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