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  1. Yo...casper what are u thinkin postin that in a toy thread! those sum superior skillz madd props im luvin that shit , cant wait to see the finished
  2. http://www.hostmysig.com/data/iroll311/143768.php'> shop is boring
  3. yea word jayfo... i wish i was there. so what was the trick that won it anyway ... u got any flicks or video of it cuz i definitly wanna see that shit. IMYTA philly would be ill ,the denial team would be killin it and mayb someday IMYTA boston. every1 knows east coast rollas get the shit done right hey hit me up on aim iroll311 and for all the other rollas on 12oz keep representin for rollin no matta what the wood pushers say. . they only hate on it cuz they dont kno the deal about sreet rollerbladin like IMYTA they only kno about that x games bullshit with park and vert(not dissin park and vert skaters) , and thats y us skaters get hate on haha so much for graff and simples..lol too much typin for me :D
  4. hey u rollerbladers hear about imyta NY a couple weeks ago, my boys that went to it told me some serious shit went down. and of course murda won it .... cant wait for that video to come out
  5. wow ur a psychic and a comedian oh sry about the x's. fotango sucks i tried to fix it now......any1 know a reliable site for pictures
  6. here is sum sketches i did... i tried to just work on letters for now......should i work wit this or start over http://www.fatcap.co.uk/host/files/P7260042.jpg'>
  7. word slug and common are ill, i'll check out them other heads u got any songs from them
  8. how the hell did this thread last 9 pages dont smoke crack if they are dumber than u dont take thier advice
  9. --favorite real rapers and crews last emperor benefit gangstarr non phixion high and mighty M.O.P jedi mind tricks kreators big L Jurassic 5 beatnuts rza guru --favorite sellout millionairs NAS meth snoop --few ill songs last emperor- secret wars mos def ft talib kweli-respiration arsonists ft non phixion-14 years of rap gangstarr ft tony touch-the piece maker kreators-home(this is for boston)
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