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  1. I was a real bitch when I was younger. My best friend had a thyroid problem that caused her to be overweight, for real. Instead of being a good friend I told everyone in our clique that she needed more exercise and it was up to us to make sure she was working out. So me and like 6 other girls, would chase my best friend around and hit her with sticks if she stopped running. This one time in particular she fell down and started crying but we just kept on hitting her real sadistic like. Another time we were playing truth or dare at some girl's slumber party and some one dared her to go out to her backyard naked for 10 minutes. While she was out there we called the boys in our class that lived nearby and they came over and laughed at her. We had locked the doors so she couldn’t get back in. Her mom finally came down to see who was knocking on the door, we all stayed down in the basement and when her mom asked us what was going on we told her that the girl was having sex.
  2. My decision was to stay with the person. No sex. Not until I was 100% sure they were “the one”. If we were really meant to be together, shit will work itself out.
  3. Have any of you ever had a significant other that had an STD, herpes, AIDS, genital warts…you know the kind that aren’t gonna be treated and go away. The person that I am madly in love with just dropped this bomb on me like a half hour ago. I’m just sitting here trying to even grasp what this implies for my future, and more to the point, my future with them. If you love someone do you just say fuck it, we’ll play safe knowing there is a risk. Do you leave them and say you’ll be better off in the long run? Not really looking for advice I already made my choice, I just wanted to know where other people would stand.
  4. Don't waste your life worrying about what other people think of you. Don't be afraid to state your opinions, but understand that it is just "your" opinion and no one else has to care. Don't try to form your life around someone else's idea of the "good life" Before you pick a fight ask yourself if this will matter one year from now. Smile more often. If you make up your mind to be happy, you'll be happy. Same thing applies to other negative emotions.
  5. There are so many things that could happen. I think things are going to get a whole lot worse over here.
  6. It is there to help society not the individual....wasn't that a justification for slavery...
  7. How about I'm just a really good judge of character? either way mr. pres answer the question do you or do you not rep baby blue? :lol:
  8. I'm calling your bluff. You did not see a tease. my reasoning... A tease would have to leave his computer inorder to be seen. We all know teases don't leave their interweb wonderworlds. A flaming shirt doesn't seem like the appropriate tease wear... I think they rep baby blue...I could be wrong.
  9. so it is a form of social engineering?
  10. Re: One drop Rule well by this "one drop" rule I definately get to sign up as a minority and I by no means would need the extra help to get into a school. My biggest problem with affirmative action is not that is discriminates against people, it doesn't seem to have any checks and balances to make sure that the people who really need the help get it.
  11. swish, ripples, the sun is back, lets jump in the lake
  12. this thread is chill big ups
  13. fragments that sound like come back mother fucker, lie in power?
  14. lol you guys act like the "slut" of 12 oz wouldn't have some crazy ideas of where to have sex
  15. 1. a screaming man 2. a blind dog with sun glasses 3. a skull
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