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  1. I have pictures from here in the late 90's lots of MUCH MBER YEN34 EWOK, street spots, from old trade packets... I will post them when i get my scanner running
  2. Who are you again? You're a fucking nobody from the peanut gallery, internet gangster land like the rest of these misled fools. I met you in person, you're a little emo faggot talking about the "good old days of you and crome" and dickpulling me and Oil. Out of all the toys who come on here and talk shit, you have got to be the best. Do you realize that you are irrelevant, you were never anything in Miami graff, and you will never be anything. Any KBT has done more damage in one night than you have in your entire carreer you delusional cock sucker. What you dont realize whil
  3. Yeah you also dont come on here on the internet and write REST IN PISS, should i continue asshole? Point being, what happened happened, and its not gonna get corrected but it can get prevented from happening again and thats what we're looking for here. You wanna come on here now and start pointing fingers, you better watch who the fuck u point that finger at because ur homies are just as guilty, goddam i dont know why people on here cant just shut the fuck up
  4. This is a new year, a chance to correct some mistakes from years passed... No more dissing with dead friends names, FROM EITHER SIDE..... I dont know how close you people were with your dead crew member(s), but I think its disrespectful as fuck, and it undermines their legacies. You wanna go out and do something nice for your friends do it, but dont hide behind their names if you wanna disrespect someone else, and I know that we were the first ones to start this but someone has to draw the line somewhere. There are things that are considered crimes even in times of war and this
  5. 2006, more of the same. he knew when he passed that his group of friends would keep his name alive forever, dont let him down... best guy ever
  6. yeah an elite philly crew.... your a toy, your "B" is some other toys B. State to state bomming? Nigga we're nation wide, but congratulations on finally leaving the 5 block radius that u bomb in ny. You want props for doing a bunch of one letter fills in this fags neighborhood in philly thats all you buddy... make sure u edit this post right Sfag... BIGGUPS TO THE REAL PHILLY STREET KINGS: MAD, KID, HOTHEAD, and the ESC GANG...
  7. Boner is a fucking toy, he took his "B" from some other ykk toy, refer to the ykk thread to see what im talking about
  8. STAIN is deserving of his own thread.
  9. "You gotta have a nice handstyle, because thats what makes people wanna see the rest of your work..."- Alotism
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