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  1. 95% of the people on this board are annoying...far more annoying than a few homoerotic pictures...annoying to you, funny to others.
  2. because i want to post what i want (as long as it doesnt break the rules) and i think i should be able to, despite having a conflicting sense of humor. ILoveUnicrns/ButtClam
  3. theres this downsyndrome kid that lives down the street from me..his parents let him play in the front yard with this bright yellow frisbee..sometimes we go over there and play with him, but mostly we just taunt him and hit him with pinecones and tell his mom he fell...the kid gets real frustrated..kind of like when people whose only contribution to graffiti was that they moderated 12oz. and felt that they could be dicks about it. you guys paint absolutely stunning graffiti too..when i catch your freights im like 'wow those guys rule' and then my spanish homosexual friend Raul says (in a spanish accent) 'yeah, if i could paint a train, i would want to paint cool letters like those guys paint'..and then we usually just go get a latte or a smoothie. Raul is funny. the truth is that you guys are gayer than any post ive ever made. ILoveUnicrns/ButtClam *above does not apply to beardo *dont ban GreatNrthern..were not the same person
  4. sorry..the part of that comment about sense of humor wasnt directed towards you
  5. actually, all the stories were 100% true. and that was fucking gay...atleast give a fucking warning...it was a link..a link, might i add, that was already on this site courtesy of El Mamerro..but hes still going strong...The ILoveUnicrns posts were entertaining..obviously your sense of humor is lacking.
  6. almost as bad as the Baltimore thread
  7. what..its not like its your grandmas secret goddamn fudge recipe
  8. Yors and Scar (Yors is bisexual)
  9. Colt45..doin' it, workin' it
  10. i dont think theres any reason to exist..life is horrible and every bit of happiness is overshadowed by a thousand other things..some people are just able to cope. when i get down i just think of one of many funny quotes from the Cope2 video including "I just like to do a rainbow of colors..shit that girls like."-Ovie
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