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  1. nobody cares what you have to say keith... go and paint a freight...
  2. 01-26-2007 01:18 PM pavorotti shuuda beeen cosa and tox # what the fuck are you talking about u fuckin idiot. It should of been your mum and your sister pushed infront of the train. its unlucky enough ozone and wants died. death aint a fuckin joke. one day u will realise that. now shuttup and go to bed you absolute toy.
  3. ^^^obvoiusly you take fotos of all your graff and plaster it on the net and mags for cheap fame?^^^
  4. no. who saw the news the other day? the review on the graffiti over xmas? they took bits of that DW video they have in the making which was posted on youtube. They took clips of it from the internet and used it in the news. thats how you know the internet is fuckin bait, how long will it take for you heads to realise that this is the easiest way for them 2 get info, to listen to you fools talk about stainers, yards, paint shops, missions, fuckin hell. just do ur shit and wise up.
  5. wheres melbourne. fuck steve irwin
  6. oi slag off to your slag countrys and to your slag mothers befor they get raped and more discusting aussie babies come out.
  7. i could happily line out that wank bollox from auzzy all day. means absoultely nothing to me, Tox 02 is a king. a bombing king. and rinses all u shit fucks.
  8. i recognise that station anytime...
  9. what did the wholetrain actually say, ive tried to read it so many times. i swear it was a dikky at ealin bway? cud b wrong tho
  10. !?!?!?!? ^^^^^^ what the fuck
  11. u think i giv a fuck wat u mugs think. ur all a bunch of computer geeks, fuck this site. its for toys. real graff lives on the lines....
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