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  1. Hmm... What about Loop Troop??? eny body up and down with them?:confused:
  2. secrets of 12oz... maby there should be a documentery on the Discovery channel about that shit! :lol: :crazy: :lol:
  3. Airsoft guns are the shit! :p
  4. sounds like your day sucked^ ^ ^ ^:crazy:
  5. I fuckin Feel you on dat!!!!!:P that shit makes me mad:mad: i wanna just burn my fuckin radio!!:lol:
  6. Tight... i like the "In action" flicks!
  7. Dondi's shit in Style wars was tight! R.I.P.
  8. Damn... This shits Bangin!
  9. http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid74/p7150aa8904612e65222e7b17b203143a/fb60227d.jpg'> I like this 1 ^ ^ ^ i can deffenetly see this up in the "Brick Slayers" thred! GO BOMB DAWG!!!
  10. Im Broke


    where are u from? space...?:lol: b/c that is what those sketches look like...its kool thoguh! keep em' comin!:p
  11. Damn... three 6 dose suck... but i can handel a bit of it... u know if u are riped and u wanna bounce its all good "Still ride clean makin G's and get my dick sucked!" Word Project!
  12. Im Broke


    Behind every great man there is an ever greater GUN!
  13. Hip-Hop will never die! the 80's ruled!!
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