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  1. i got mine today, just came out. got off work early to get to the store and i got the 4th to last one. it blew my mind. u can go inside thoes big covanet(spl?) creatures. and then when u get to play as that covanet chief that is responcable for the destruction of halo, that was it. i love this game!
  2. i dident laugh... but i found it funny if i was in a better mood. fuck work.
  3. same. i took a few classes back a while ago so i know basic stuff. but finding this thred has gotten me intrested again. ima have to get out my camera and start postin up some flicks. what camera do you all use? anything special? i got a pantax 100 its nice. i would like upgrade though, any suggestions?
  4. how do u get the lights to sworle like that? do u just leave your shutter open and expose the film for longer? or a special camera?
  5. how do u get the lights to sworle like that? do u just leave your shutter open and expose the film for longer? or a special camera?
  6. its times like these, when silence means everything
  7. this thred sucks now. Bla.
  8. very creative. looks like they know what they are doing.
  9. [my name is]: Im Broke aka McNile aka level lost [in the morning i am]: quiet, hungry, soo pissed. [love is]: a 2 way pager [i dream about]: nothing really. -W I T H .T H E. O P P O S I T E. S E X- [last person u slow danced with]: been to long -W H O- [do you have a crush on?]: some girl on the "pic's of hot girls thred" [easiest to talk to]: my lady friends. -H A V E .Y O U .E V E R- [fallen for your best friend]: naw -W H O .W A S .T H E .L A S T. P E R S O N- [you talked to on the phone]: this bitch that wont stop blowin my cell up [hugged]: been to long. [you instant messaged]: this dude nic about a remark in his profile. [you laughed with]: my friends joe and evan at work last night. -D O .Y O U / / A R E .Y O U- [could you live without the computer?]: No [what's your favorite food?]: sushi [whats ur favorite fruit?]: apple [what hurts the most?] being shot... at least thats whats hurt the most in my life... might be worse things down the road. [pain?]: yes please [trust others way too easily?]: "make many friends, trust no one" -N U M B E R- [of times i have had my heart broken? ]: twice. [of hearts i have broken?] : alot... like 15 [of boys i have kissed?] : E. Zero. [of girls i have kissed?] : alot... like 30 [of drugs taken illegally?] : alot... i have no idea how many. [of tight friends?] : 2. [of cd's that i own?] : what ever is on my ipod. [of scars on my body?] : alot. im a skateboarder so i get a new one every day. [of things in my past that i regret?] : nothing. i would not do it over. -O.T.H.E.R.T.H.I.N.G.S.- [i know]: i have a hat on [i want]: a better paying job. and my parents to stop pissing me off [i have]: 20$ right now [i wish]: i dident have a paroll officer [i hate]: my P.O. [i miss]: my good friend and ex-girl [i fear]: rollercosters [i hear]: music. [i search]: on google [i ache]: in my back right now. [i care]: about my friends. girls and guys alike [i always] : brush my teeth and shower [i dance]: no. [i cry]: not since i was 10. [i do not always]: drink. [i write]: in my profile [i confuse]: all who try to understand me. [i can usually be found]: at the soup kitchen or at the skatepark [i need]: money, new car, house, and a girlfriend. [have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing]: yes. [favorite place to be kissed?]: water front park. at night. [have you ever been caught "doing something"]: not that i remember. [wuss]: yea right. only when it comes to roller costers [druggie]: ya, so what? [gang member]: rebel mafia. [daydreamer]: all the time [alcoholic]: nope, dont like to drink. [freak]: i dono. u tell me... [brat]: ohh hell no [sarcastic]: yes. all the time. [goody-goody]: nope. hardly. [angel]: nope. hardly. [devil]: maby sometimes... i have reasons for what i do. [friend]: to all who dont hate. [shy]: not really. [talkative]: for sure not. [adventurous]: yes. [intelligent]: yes. -Self-Analysis.You.Probably.Don't.Want.To.Do- [your best feature (personality)]: willing to help all who ask. [your biggest flaw (personality)]: asshole. [the physical feature for which you are most often complimented]: i smell good [height]: 6' 1'' [a smell that makes you smile]: my poop/farts. [a city you'd like to visit]: copenhagen (spl?) [a drink you order most often]: water [a delicious dessert]: cheese cake [a book you highly recommend]: thrasher magazine [your favorite band]: to many. [a film you could watch over and over]: scarface [a TV show you watch regularly]: dont watch t.v. but probibly snl [you live in a(n)]: house. [your transportation]: skateboard. [under your bed or in your closet you hide]: cats, wheels, shoes, girls, condoms, blunts, lighters. i dono.
  10. i gotta shit right now. but i dont wanna get up.
  11. correct... nun's are mad friendly. i had this teacher that was an ex-nun in like 7-8th grade. i still see her at church when i go. (yes brokeski goes to church.) i find i can do all the bad shit i want and just sunday wake up and go to church for an hour. god has mercy on my soul.
  12. i just hate politics. fuck it. im moving to denmark.
  13. Im Broke

    The new PS2

    ye only way i'd get the small one is for my ride. but as of right now i have no t.v. in it.
  14. [love is]: (the prelude to tragedy)
  15. i read. and do homework, maby smoke a blunt...
  16. somebody gave me the new dvd edition of 4-6 and had an extra disk and had all this shit about episode 3 and just made it sound bigger than its gunna be fo sure. but i know i'll end up seeing it like 10 times befor its on dvd/vhs
  17. myself, friends of mine, or the lil pick pocket in oliver twist...
  18. Impreza STi. ima bout ready for a new car... but with all this gas bein expencive i think ima get like a VW any ideas?
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