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  1. Vega- givin to me by the crew because its the only thing I roll Morgasm- givin to me by my nigger alex kinda a last name thing Ber- aquired in a drunkin conversation which stands for B.R. which stands for busted rubber...
  2. This place Arturo's up the block has some bomb ass burrito's they got some hotsauce called 4 a.m wake up call.......The name does not lie. but as for ingrediants (sp?) I keep mine low key steak cheese enchillada sauce and rice.
  3. http://www.midtownperfume.com/products/images/diesel_green_m.jpg'> http://www.allurneeds.com/perfume/X-CentricDunhill34.jpg'> .......GREAT SCENT IF YOU CAN FIGURE OUT HOW TO WORK THE BOTTLE
  4. http://www.trenzhost.com/files/jigz123/puz1.jpg'> http://www.graffiti.org/escapism/images/034-08.jpg'> Best flicks in my opinion
  5. el_why_en_E


  6. tiffany in car Sky Lopez or Jenna Jameson?
  7. http://www.goyk.com/photos/040408energy/images/IMG_0214.jpg'> just graduated...............highschool
  8. Check the THE REAL AEK chicago!!
  9. Not just that... but after 5 days off im gonna go back and have like 3 days to make up like 36 assignments. Also I'm questioning if my parents really love me because everything I touch I get bitched at for...I grab a handful of sweedish fish out of a bag and my dad goes apeshit saying I'm gonna get him sick and then he's gonna beat my ass.
  10. Yea they gave me some zithromax which was making me feel like I could at least breathe........The day after I couldent swallow pills so they gave me the liquid generic version. It tastes like tropical spoiled milk.
  11. Ok.........It all started Thursday night. I thought I just had a normal sore throat I get from time to time so I said fuck it and I went to bed. 5:30 a.m. came around and I wake up to the unbarable(sp?) pain. My neck my ears my toncils and all that shit around there was toatally fucked. So I said hey maybe I can drink some water and go back to bed.....6:50 came around and my alarm clock goes off time to go to school...FUCK THAT. At that point it felt as if I dont go to the doctor this shit could get serious. So I slept all day woke up at 5 and went to the doctor he said "It just looks like a small case of Laringitus. Heres some drugs be on your way." Friday comes around once again I dont go to school later on realizing I have 10 absences in first period I just decide not to get up that day. Friday was preety much a blur I dont remember much. Saturday morning comes around I wake up covered in sweat. Just then do I realize these fucking antibiotics arent doing a damn thing. I go back to the doctor and bitch and complain about the drugs not working and im not getting any better ...etc, So he sends me to the hospital to get blood tests and throat swabs and they say I might have mono. I might have some other shit too but I couldent understand a word that came out of the bitch's mouth. It's now Sunday and I still feel like shit! Hopefully this shit just wears off and its no big deal. Feel free to post your illness's here. I'll be on here for awhile I can't go back to school untill further notice.
  12. :nut: oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nice rubish im def. feeling that one compaired to yer other stuff
  13. We got a few apartment complex/housing projects around the house and i swear to god these kids pay more money for their shoes then they do for rent so i pay a few kids 10$ a pop to run through the halls and pick up the pairs of decent shoes they can find.....classics af1's timbs and you know how those cats dont like to get there shoes dirty so i bring em to the flea market and hand em for 25$ a pop...........nevertheless my boy got caught up selling shoes to the same dude he racked em from but hey its easy money
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