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  1. Just saying like, why not say your going to tag, it is true.
  2. No, if your gonna only go out and tag, just say your gonna go Tagging...Bombing would make it all a lie...But if your doing some outlines, or fills to, go ahead, say your bombing, but tagging still is part of graffiti.
  3. That was like 7 months ago...
  4. I get itin Floriduhhhhhhh Foool!
  5. Chicago Kid


    His info says hes from 7 Line, theres no 7 Line in Chicago, Ways is from Chicago, and I'm poretty sure Starz is from NY.
  6. Yo Luna what do you write? If you dn't wanna say her ethen heres my E-Mail... DumpDaley@Mail.com By the way nice post.
  7. Did you dilute it first?
  8. Haha I just wanted that hat because it has satire and decent letters, I was joking in a sence because I am going to make one of my own because that idea is too funny...And I did buy my last trucker hat in the last 3 years because I don't see baseball caps with graffiti kings writing on them. I'm not jocking people I just like to have a hat with a writer that I respect on it, I don't wear them either.
  9. Just because you are asking these questions, just don't use etch...No offence just don't try it though.
  10. Some not so good straight-letters. Well heres some crap since I haven't been piecing lately. (Constructive Critisism.) http://img78.photobucket.com/albums/v242/Speakster/Speak_HOT_HOT_HOT.jpg'> http://img78.photobucket.com/albums/v242/Speakster/Speak_Color_Habla.jpg'> I understand that Hablar Rock makes no sence so shutup. http://img78.photobucket.com/albums/v242/Speakster/Report_Card_007.jpg'> For a freind.
  11. And I was talking abou tthis where it shows your first an last name, like Rob D something...Just saying because I don't think I'd post my work and then write my name on it...First and last. http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00347746f00000013.jpg'>
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