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  1. Still kinda new to game, let me know what ya think?
  2. http://:0400666118_002U.jpg[/img]
  3. Still kinda fresh in the game, let me know what you think!
  4. LIFE IF YOU'RE OUT THERE You should hit me up. No doubt I respect you, we're from the same area. Maybe we can paint the town red together. If everyone would get together, instead of bitching, Pittsburgh might be something worth looking at. ...cos I just can't stop
  5. Raels this, Raels that! Why don't you stop gossiping like grils and post some hot flicks. Isn't that why we come here? PS. Hey Blackie, Who am I, just a fan!
  7. This site gets better by the day, but what's up, no NORTH SIDE? We got some shit too!:confused:
  8. cos


    Let's not talk about shit we don't know HK Unlike you buddy, you may have known of EVAN, but you didn't know him. I painted with this kid, I was with this kid almost every day. So keep your two sence to yourself. I'm not trying to start shit with you, but you are talking about I guy I love, and truely miss. The only person who really knows what happen is not hear to tell us. Lets just keep it that way. I may know shit about you, but I'm not trying to post it on a web site. This site is to pay respect to the kid. R.I.P. King Angre
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