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Sir Tag alot

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  1. Sir Tag alot

    One sketch

    ok thanks man
  2. Sir Tag alot

    One sketch

    No I take advice for real were should I got to learn about 3D graffti on the web ???
  3. Sir Tag alot

    One sketch

    one more thing it's wild style,and I know it didnt really turn out well because my digtail cam was acting up on me....I dont own a scanner.....
  4. Sir Tag alot

    One sketch

    I did that in summer school on friday while the class was watching harry pot head.....
  5. Sir Tag alot

    afew pages from my blackbook

    Damn man those are some good pieces.........well their black book art so its different then a Piece.......
  6. Sir Tag alot

    test ......new to this.

    Damn thats good shit how long did it take you to make that thing?...