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  1. sfx2


    only ink? Does paint work or will it stoll and turn the marker into a stone? And what about whisky jars (the round flat ones) or cola cans?
  2. sfx2

    Spray safe!

    No I mean liket the mouth caps made of some special filter material that filters out anything that isn't "regular air"... but like what you said, what do you mean with eventually? Like... if I do it at a regular base without any protection ill get it over a few years right?
  3. is it safer to go with a crew and get some guys on the watch? Or should that be standard procedure?
  4. sfx2

    Spray safe!

    er... is there any cheaper alternative for wearing a mask? Mebbe a mouth-cap like the sars things, or dont that work?
  5. sfx2


    can someone tell me how to make paint stifts? like using chalkboard erasers and stuff...;)
  6. sfx2

    what is boogie hands

    do the boogie, yeah *dances*
  7. omg... A friend of mine was caught one time and the cops just took him to the station without any reason, they put him under pressure there claiming they could lock him up for pre-investigation or some shit for a week max untill he would confess and he flipped -_-' They can't actually take you away without a reason can they? I mean... I dont think these basic laws are much different between countries right? (im from the netherlands/holland)
  8. sfx2

    Im off 2 play GTA: vice city

    try DC++ (directconnect, another p2p prog)
  9. sfx2

    Best Shoes For the Yard

    asbestos can cause cancer... and I would just wear a pair of big fat timberlands