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  1. http://img28.photobucket.com/albums/v85/Kabrokai/01.jpg'> http://img28.photobucket.com/albums/v85/Kabrokai/02.jpg'> http://img28.photobucket.com/albums/v85/Kabrokai/03.jpg'>
  2. Ashby


    You call rollerblading gay but fall on your ass as much as i did when i learnt some of those mad tricks and youd be made of steel, getting beat up by a 7 foot fucker dont hurt like falling from 25ft drops. skateboarders got it easy, you fuckers can bail, i got that shit stuck to me, if im going to crash i cant get off, i gotta take the pain. Plus bombing in blades is mad fun, cops cant catch you for shit, skate faster than squad cars makes them angry, plus you can be in and out like lightning and once you learn to jump or climb fences in em your unstoppable. belive me some bladers are by no means gay, you gotta be like steel to take some of the falls i have. another thing is you can tag up cars while they drive and they cant do shit, same goes for cops, bombing up riot vans n shit while they go to football games.
  3. Yeah Tony fucking Blair is raising our uni fees by like 200%, average debt right now when leaving uni is between £5000 and £10, 000, in 2006 the average debt at the end of 3 years uni will be £25, 000, thats America - $43,572.50 Austarlia - $58,812.67 Assassination is in order.
  4. Plain fucking grey, just drissle and cold wind. might aswell kill myself.
  5. I have many american friends and theyve shown me the work they have to do and they tell me about american school, fuck you guys got it easy. Shit come to a decent english school, now thats some challenging shit plus the exam boards love to fuck the school system and change the syllabus half way through the year. But anyway Im studying Fine art, Graphical art, Graphic design and Graphic Products
  6. Ashby


    Never having enough money being lazy dull winter very large holes in my sneaks on the wettest day of the year Having to get up in the morning Having a shit load of work and know that it will take 4x the amount of time than the amount you have to do it in British townies - these are the common people who follow the same patterns - fashoin trends - are small minded - self obsessed - rely on an incredibly large group of friends to live ie. complety unindependednt - kisten to shitty pop and dance music and fat bitches that dont fit into their clothes and wear tons of fake gold jewlery, plain yuck having boths knees and both ankles busted
  7. For controllers you cant beat the GC, their controller is comfortable as fuck, the ps2 controller just plain sucks. XBOX wins hands down tho, the PS2 is for if you only have 1 buddy or your mum likes to play. I still have major love for the Gamecube and Dreamcast, the dreamcast died because it came out too early, not enough interest. if they had waited 2 years and made it much much more powerful with better graphics and a DVD player it wouild have done real good, but no body was ready. Sega only makes games now because they dont have the money to develop another console. The only way Nintendo and Sega can remain a major force in the games market is if they join forces.
  8. Ashby


    if i were to be swung one way it would very difficult for me to decide i like both crazy skilled pieces and hardcore bombing but it would be 49% Bombing 51% Pieceing
  9. Ashby


    i usually get about 5 hours sleep average. I can sleep ANYWHERE, i fall asleep the second my head hits the pillow, i can fall asleep anytime i want, i can just lye down on the floor and be off, im always asleep on the bus, infact ive been known to be in a bar with my buddies and just fall asleep at the table. i need constant stimulation otherwise im gone.
  10. Ashby


    Even though i hav'nt been writing for ages im a real firm beliver of old skool, things were best back in the day and its important to preserve that. I much prefer the way things used to be done, like rap before west coast came on the scene with all this gangsta rap shoot you all up in the eye bull shit, it was better when it was about rocking the party and having a good time and exactly the same applies to graff, i would much prefer writers that were well rounded, they could bomb and piece. I dont like bombers who are everywhere in the craziest spots but cant paint a decent piece or legal writers who have incredible skill but are not up in the slightest. Fuck being a bomber, fuck being a legal piecer, do it all, do what you want to do mostly but being well rounded is more important.
  11. This thread does 2 things: 1.Stinks like my dead grandmother under the floor boards 2.Sucks more than a San francisco gay bar 90% of flix dont work, the ones that do are crap, only good foto on this thread is that milo.
  12. Ashby


    somebody take this thread down, judging from these flix brooklyn is wak
  13. Re: YOUR SCENE HURTS!!! Your arrogance disgusts me. :hatred: :mad2: :heated:
  14. Ashby

    uk wall flixs

    what u rekon to last sat then gasp? shame ur piece was a little small
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