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  1. http://www.pornstarguru.com/page.php?x=252626&m=1
  2. http://www.pornstarguru.com/page.php?x=252626&m=1'>
  3. http://drumr0987.250free.com/untitled.JPG'>
  4. I heard that dark guy quit writin but that R2 boy is KrAzY!!!
  5. i know this is real toy sounding but when you open a unipaint to refill it, is there any other way to put the shit in there besides pushin down on the little valve thing?
  6. no one answers questions decently on here.... it's great. keep up with the sarcasm, i need a good laugh.
  7. the fan tip fuckin blows, but the colors are dope i used the sun dried tomatoe color, its bad ass
  8. ..........meanstreak......krylon.......fatcap..........
  9. fuck all that shit, all you need is a meanstreak, a can of krylon and a fat cap and your set (the krylon can also be used as a defense mechanism, make up your own style of defense, there are many possibilities out there with a spray can.) :D
  10. I was wanderin if anyone knew any good recipes to make colors, runs, etc... please post. Thanks bros.
  11. http://www.absenceofdesign.com/graff/when-scribble-jam-2.jpg'> I got this out of the bluegrass thread, I couldn'y help but think that When is 1 dope cat. (this is his shit from scribble jam.)
  12. here's sum feedback, keep postin *WHIP CRACK WIT YA SWAMP TAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!*
  13. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00336948f00000022.jpg'> i stay tru to dfs kru
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