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  1. Yeah- And why is starve's face going to go into my fist?
  2. Abys- you really felt like you needed to tag there, huh? wow. Big up the big homie Hector.
  3. Caveman is a complete faker. He only ran the streets and kept the name through his incarceration (the longest in NW history for graf). It's like big HDouble said that aint no easy name to keep in the pen. So yeah he probably never earned his name and you should tell him that. Lookin good Depths, Gser. Hate Krime!
  4. Is that dude a city worker engaged in sexual activity in a homeless camp while on the clock or is he just wearing the reflective vest for style points?
  5. Specs One- The Original Seattle writer- but yall wouldnt know nothin bout that
  6. Oh I seen it alright. Shoulda hit him off- See how the ol 'already dissed' excuse works out for em. Those who know know.
  7. Cruks over Hog? Wow, Better believe thats a pummeling! Supercorney Tacoma freewall flicks! Sweet! Huge Slugs Hector CZ
  8. what the hell is this toy bullshit- what happened to the "no crappy flicks" idea. no one wants to see your first fill-ins, I promise. save that crap, you should be embarassed. I am. This thread has officially gone to shit.
  9. Less Talk, More Flicks- but first some talk. Please stop living out some strange fantasy on the internet; If you are not black and you called me nigga to my face i would punch your fucking teeth out- as would any self respecting black man who has lived in america. I realize that this is an internet chatroom and there is very little real accoutability for ones words on here. Im just not sure why people feel the need to be so fake and what satisfaction they derive from being so. Lets stop fronting and quietly post up some flicks cause you will get caught up. And nigga is always nigger to black ears when it comes from a white mouth. Im sorry, youll have to get your rocks off some other way.
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