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  1. hillary duff would be dope if she was like 8 years younger
  2. candid

    slept on mc:

    edan "do you know how badly i want a spaceship"
  3. candid

    Wash DC

    bump those felon characters
  4. candid

    Spray Paint

    i like rustos stock too. but those rusto fats are ideal. yea that walmart silver and gold is nicey. comes outta the fatcap real nice.
  5. krag was the shit. not to be confused with nickelodeon guts' agro crag. both get my props....favorite ninja turtle id have to say da donnnatello.
  6. ignite bowl and put on enya. lucid dreams will bombard ya.
  7. -Edan-kepp running back -Souls of Mischief-spark (both the edan and rjd2 remix) the original is dope tooo -Diverse... -life savas-hello hi hey
  8. candid

    Graff Girls

    bumps to gas on that fill. i wonder if that girl paints....
  9. i heard they discontinued the chicken carbonara. why would they do this. nazis.
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