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  1. lol at someones email being.. coolcocacolakid... thats really funny
  2. even alot of the suburbs are fucked... fuckin southeast michigan is a hellhole.. hahaha
  3. i have been to practically every dam city in these united states.. and ive lived in downtown detroit for practically all my life.. there is no other city like detroit.. evrybody says fuck detroit fuck detroit. blah blah blah.. but this city is "FUCKED UP" we held the title "murder capital" for more than five years in a row.. and have been the champ offf and on for most of twenty years. you cant really hear about this place.. you have to see it for yopurselves.. its amazing.. soooo fucked up.. i lived in chitown for 5 months and came back here and was completely shocked once again// as soon as i was wearing off my "intimidation" of walking my white ass around the streets alone. i come back and it starts over. besides maybe two small parts of this city.. (boston edison district and indian village) (and thats even kinda fucked) it is one big ghetto..
  4. go down to the local dope house.. ask for bill... if they theres no bill pull a gun out and shoot everyone..steal the money and make a run for the bank.. rob that .. then rob another one.. after that .. head to mexico and chill out for a couple years.. or if all else fails.. head down to the local UNion hall.. bust out some carpenter or metal work or some shit for a while til you rack up some dough.. then find another job.. when you find something you liek.. never show back up to those jackass union bastards..
  5. this thread blows.. in 10 pages ive seena total of like 5 pictures
  6. im guessin the dude with the most posts is the real deal.. but hey .. your talking to the same guy who walked into a supermarket and rolled out in a wheelchair with both legs broken, concusion, glass in my chin, a lawsuit, and a new girlfriend that was big-time hotness..
  7. """"Some broke down shit on fire, oh boy, I wish the county prosecutor would do something about these 'quality of life' issues ..I wonder what rich person neighborhood he lives in??""""" haha.. duggan.. the two faced bastard..
  8. i hate kids gettin up on the net i hate wigger chicks i hate phones immenseley and refuse to invest in those dam cell phones.. i hate the word bitch i hate the coined rapper phrase "dirty south" i hate dirty sidewalks i hate these cheap ass k-mart tweety bird and smiley face clothes. i hate those dam leathere racing jackets the G's are wearin nowadays i hate master p cash money and all those nerds that make money for speaking jibberish i hate chicks that think they are above everyone i hate marth stweart i hate my step mom i hate corpoarate giants i hate cable TV i hate the country (too dam quiet) i hate the suburbs i hate bad bathroom experiences i hate those kids that put those loud ass mufflers on shitty ass cars i hate the federal tax system but i do understand why we have it and its prolly better in the long run.. i hate everyone that makes more money thatn me. i hate computers and their dam hassles. i hate runny paint. i hate those dam "gold dots adn gray dots" i dont like the arabic people around here that act like they are so dam bad ass i hate the guy who coined the phrase. a penny saved is a penny earned. fuck this shit.. i hate lots of shit. pz
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