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  1. I learned about this shit in school many years ago. Some guy apparently had one of these, broke into an elderly couples house, stabbed them to death, and then ran off into the woods where he later woke up. Crazy shit.
  2. How exactly does one go about 'diddling'? No matter your answer that is one odd occurance. You know this guy at all or was it completely random?
  3. Southern Comfort. Good stuff.
  4. I thought I'd be on the losing team with Donatello. He was the coolest.
  5. The mantids are fucking cool. The kinkajou is cool, but 30 years is a long damn time to own a pet.
  6. What a fucking dumbass. That paint better be safe to dump damn near 800 gallons into the fjord.
  7. Like I said, it's probably normal if they are full pisses, unless your bladder can stretch to freakish proportions, the piss need to leave. Shitting that much would suck.
  8. Just watch Eight Mile and pretend it's not a movie. I can't really help past that.
  9. Well, if each time you are peeing, you are taking a full piss (almost like you would in the morning), then I don't think you have a problem, as there is a need to get rid of fluids at the same rate they are going in. If you are just taking little trickle pisses, then I would worry.
  10. This is the only thing I read in the thread, and it is good advice. Just do what he told you.
  11. When looking at graff from the outside, it is much easier to see the dumb folks than the smart ones... to their credit, 'urban explorers" just trespass, we trespass and then paint what we find. I can see why they would get pissed off, and agree to an extent. Some things just look better without graffiti. That 'heartless' cat on the otherhand....
  12. Really though, why would anyone care?
  13. Sebor Absinth (advertised in that Bizarre(?) magazine) is supposed to be the real deal, and it is a legitimate brand. Absinthe is illegal in most countries (unlike everyone is telling you) because absinthe is not absinthe without the wormwood. It's legal in the the czech republic, and sebor will ship where ever. This is all just from reading up on it. I've never had the money to drop on some shit like that.seborabsinth.com
  14. http://keep3.sjfc.edu/students/jhn1994/CANDIRU.jpg'> it..... jesus.... no... That is the worst thing I have ever heard/seen/knownabout. That thing JUMPED out of the fucking water into the guy's dick??
  15. Are there any videos of this being used in an actual fight as opposed to just demonstrations?
  16. Or you could straight just not go to movies, since you think they suck so much you gotta make noise anyway. Saves us the trouble of having to listen to you, and saves you the trouble of being ignorant and loud.
  17. No anus? I'd like to know where the intestines dump shit instead. Why would this get closed? That is the best headline I've seen in a minute.
  18. nope, looks like you about got it.
  19. Alright, what's the point of the 'white flight' map? Personally I'd like to see the word nigger loose it's negative connotation altogether. What do we think it will take? Another hundred years or so, so we can be certain that all the people who lived through the bullshit that gave 'nigger' such bite are dead? Or never? Right now the memory of all that is a justifiable reason to be offended, but can't we cut that off when it becomes the memory of a memory? blah.
  20. That is pretty damn cool. Actually, it's really fucking cool. I wonder if she'll take a check...?
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