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  1. Bastard. http://bjj.org/editorials/970915-boxing/punch.jpg'>
  2. Oh so not true. The same rule applies to females as does males. Well planned, well done ink is key. A girl with lots of nice tatts is sex.
  3. I fucking got it. I want to be in my mid to late fifties, and I want to be sitting with my wife on the top of a large cliff over looking valleys, the ocean, basically untouched, remote nature on a beautiful clear night. I would like to go out sitting with her shortly after watching an enormous comet slam into the earth like in that Dinosaur disney movie.
  4. Name creativity is severely lacking here.
  5. I didn't really feel anything during the WTC attacks, either. I was kinda annoyed, as I had nothing to do all day seeing as I worked in a shipping area, and FedEx wasn't doing shit that day. I used it as an excuse to call my ex. I think that there was a bit of an over reaction factor for most people. Really, who knows how many buildings there are in the US? Quite a few. Where do you think the one you are in would rank on the "important places to hit" list? Probably not very high....
  6. Not sure what, but.... Doing something worthwhile.
  7. ^^No shit. So far, every gay person I have met was pretty damn chill, who gives a fuck what they do in their own time? *for the record that was a response to Esai, not our resident fool.
  8. After living off of ramen noodles almost exclusively for around a year, my body started throwing them up when ever I ate them. Sucked. Meatloaf sandwiches!
  9. This is my main source of drive right now. My problems stem from not being sure what I want to do once there (I'm thinking remote northern areas), and how to go about it all. I want a cabin in an old growth forest in the Northwest. Fuck, maybe just a backpack full of what I need survive. Iceland is sick, too. So many choices......
  10. That lady getting hit by the train should be linked in the yard safety thread. The guy getting his throat removed isn't Daniel Pearl, his story just got linked to the vid for extra "oomph", as so frequently happens online. I feel like you guys are neglecting my video link. Come on, show some love. It's just as bad as the first, and plenty worse than the lady being turned into spam. Make sure the sound is up.
  11. I LOVE asian chicks! If you have a weak stomach.....
  12. Regardless of where you stand, there is really no reason to make this illegal. Express opions. Celebrate diversity even when you disagree.
  13. Kettie cat has been subject to large amounts of bullshit lately, so I figured I'd start an appreciation thread on her behalf. You handle yourself well in less than perfect circumstance. Props. Kids, please show some class and don't post any of the tired pics in here.
  14. faith no more- mike patton owns shit.
  15. Re: Re: Meet a few reasons that the oceans are fucking scary. Yes, this is true, but they usually are going after the smaller, and more timid (but will still fuck you sideways) giant squid. Colossal squid are big enough that they can hold their own pretty well with a sperm whale (not killing them, but hurting and swimming out of there quickly).
  16. Meet a few reasons that the oceans are fucking scary. http://www.mbari.org/news/news_releases/2001/dec21_clague/squid.jpg'> 12-15' unknown spieces of squid close-up video of it swimming You know the giant squid? These are bigger, and much, much meaner: http://news.bbc.co.uk/media/images/39049000/jpg/_39049289_squid150.jpg'> People standing next to an immature colossal squid. This one is only about 20' long. http://dsc.discovery.com/news/briefs/20030331/gallery/squid_zoom.jpg'> Shot of the colossal squid's claws. These things are reportedly like eagle talons, and can turn 360 degrees. http://dsc.discovery.com/news/briefs/20030331/gallery/whale2.jpg'> The head of a sperm whale that fucked with colossal squid. More interesting shit later....
  17. Ben and Jerry's is some good stuff. Godiva has some good ice cream as well. But nothing can fuck with home made vanilla (and I mean home made, not some store bought called "home made") drizzled with real maple syrup (not any aunt jemima or other pseudo-maple bullshit. Straight tree sap.)
  18. A big ass diamond. Good flick. Don't know what the song is, though. Can't help you. Sorry.
  19. So you're saying you'd just as soon take a knife in the throat as you would a knife in the calf?
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