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  1. You have many more pictures outside of the cities?
  2. Arnold being someone else's governor is fucking awesome. 'Girlie men"...... hahaha
  3. Those nudibranch things are strange. Good link.
  4. I think that the restuarant was well within its bounds to ask her to take it else where. While I have no problem with breast feeding, there is a certain time and place for things like that.
  5. Have you actually tasted that shit yet? Looks pretty fucking foul. But cheers for actually yielding results, most people just bullshit about how cool it would be to do things like this and never follow through. Like myself.
  6. Holy fucking christ that is nasty. Shit was fine until I hit Day 6. So I'm scared of brown recluse spiders now.
  7. Get a maglite to double as a club.
  8. Ahh. I thought it was a fossa. Those kinkajous live for a long fucking time. Do you know if you can ween then from the nocturnal tendencies?
  9. That lob that fell in over William's head was so damn clean. Sharapova's got some skill. The men's final was a good match as well.
  10. What's up with this kid being a complete fucking retard? *Hey dowmagick, what the fuck is that first thing called? Is that one of those crazy hardcore madagascar mongoose like things?
  11. On point. My ideal life involves some rural Pacific Northwest livin', fuck a manufactured home. Really though, a fifteen to twenty minute drive (highway) to the burbs, and a thirty to forty five minute drive to the city is about perfect.
  12. Give a little more information. You talking a road trip in your car or just tossing on a backpack and seeing how far your feet can take you? You could just pack up all the shit boxcars mentioned, jump on a train, go to sleep, and try to find out where you are and how you can make it home after waking up where ever the train took you.
  13. Mark of the Kri is pretty good, third person adventure shit that is really violent and looks like a disney movie. The control system is pretty cool. Lasts about six hours of play time and you can pick it up in a used game store for around ten bucks.
  14. ^^^That's what I'm talking about. They eat other bugs, and stay the hell away from you if they can. If you have problems with bugs, Stop killing the spiders, they are what keep the other insects in check.
  15. There wasn't a band that did the soundtrack, just specific songs. Alison Kraus is in there, Ralph Stanley, etc.... Good movie.
  16. http://www.extremescience.com/images/gspidermenu.gif'> The goliath spider. Biggest one on record was about 11 inches across, and lots of tarantulas eat birds. Makes noise by rubbing bristles together, spiders don't get vocal. Being scared of spiders is bitchmade.
  17. Boogie because fireworks are fucking dumb. They are too weak and cost too much money. Just give me gasoline and I can put on a much better show.
  18. But how else is everyone going to feel included unless they crack open every inside joke and beat it to death? Channel Zero= A few cool people and a lot of nut monkeys.
  19. Dr. Testical is a dumbass. Pipes are hot. Casek knows the deal.
  20. They go into ketosis, which is what makes you lose weight. They're breath is supposed to smell like fruit or something.
  21. I just want a counter-movement to the fatcentric advertising. "Good thing you are skinny, because this shit tastes great!"
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