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  1. pirate

    Plastic Surgery

    that picture is straight savage.:eek:
  2. make sure the distribution is limited to South America, make sure the girl is clean, and make sure the girl is really a girl.
  3. yuppie partie- three drunk friends- table full of booze. They tried to tell my friend not to drink his 40 out of the bottle so we took their drank and left.
  4. :lol: I think someone somewhere is crying.
  5. easy there, you might make someone mad. :lol:
  6. pirate


    insanefame.com stolen: http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.insanefame.com/flix/index.399.jpg'>
  7. I go long periods without thinking about it, but everytime I get near a computer I seem to fall back into my old habits.
  8. 2 rounds isn't a binge. what about the third and fourth? What about now?:D
  9. how many of you realize that you're wasting too much time on 12oz but still come back daily. I feel like a child.:(
  10. you got your information wrong homie. that was the end of a binge that started well before your informant arrived and the purging began.
  11. diepig v. mr. whoopy INTERNET BATTLE! (you should settle it with a manly game of nabisco mini-golf. the winner is king!)
  12. contest? it would be good for a laugh
  13. hate is cool. keep it coming.
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