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  1. scabymuff

    uk wall flixs

    Feltham, W London. Lots of wall space, but dirty wall to piant - cracks, chunks missing ect. very isolated tho, so can have big jams.
  2. He he, sick bastards! Calculust, any chance of u re-borrowing that vid of ya mate? Anyways, amazing writers. Next time a F8 painting yank with a stinking attitude comes on a Euro thread and tries to dis, kindly direct the fools to this thread!!!!!!:lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. scabymuff

    uk wall flixs

    Some pics from the circles; http://www.upptown.eu.org/upload/uploaded/8472.jpg'> Hozae http://www.upptown.eu.org/upload/uploaded/8463.jpg'> Fault Iron Avek http://www.upptown.eu.org/upload/uploaded/8473.jpg'> Asiue Bons http://www.upptown.eu.org/upload/uploaded/8465.jpg'> Debug Polioe http://www.upptown.eu.org/upload/uploaded/8466.jpg'> Fault Avek Fyans Eb
  4. Anyone got fliks of the massive ATG thing out by Kings Cross (i think) that i keep hearing about? Sposed 2 be bigger than the FUME BOSH at paddington (which is sayin something!).
  5. Agreed. Lets face it, there have only been a FEW (very) writers who have truley kinged London, and even then, they left a fair few boroughs (there are 36 or so) out of it. Point is, i think it is TRUELY impossible 2 proper king London, the place is 2 HUGE. As far as getting up goes at the moment, I personaly think the gold card goes 2 ATG. no other crew does it so much with so much raw style, and i think weve only just seen the beggining. there are alot of 'rat-fashion' haters out there at the moment, but time shall tell..If ATG keep it up, they know where there going.:dazed:
  6. Shit, its mad u just wrote that, cos i wos thinking that just 2day. VERY good point, cos S London is of course prime killing grounds as far as graff is concerned. But hey, give em time, eh? Londons a fuck off huge place, im sure they will start probing the lower regions soon!!
  7. http://www.digitalpose.com/mbr/1/23492/p/382841_7087326840262734892_vl.jpg'> Snore is a sik man,his style fukin rocks so hard! http://www.confusedrobot.co.uk/hurtyoubad/32/dubs/panic.jpg'> and as for sik as fuk fast styleeeeez.......... These guys are the up and comin kings of london as far as street/trackside illegalz go, they r just bare up. there were alot of american haters on the other thread, but they just dont get it. I aint seen many ATG productions/crazy wildstlye etc productions, cos the only place i see these guys is on the streets and on the trackz - EVERYWHERE, and by gosh, is London a BIG place.RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!If ya dont live here, and u dont get it, pls dont just cuss, coz u dont understand > ATG r kicking fuckin asssssss!!!:lick: Ah, and a little word ov advise 2 my fellow Londonerz and UK heads, if some (a VERY small minority) of american (or ANYONE) heads try 2 start beef on this thread - IGNORE THEM!!!! Do not rise to an idiots bullshit, cos itll in turn make the thread descend into bullshit. Lets just do our thing and post some flix of ATG's stuff, cos we know they r sick, and if others wanna start beef and fuk up this thread (a thread which is SOOOO well deserved), well, fuck em.:dazed:
  8. True, everyone talks about ATG, as they are proper up, yet hardly any flicks. I havent seen many legals by them, they are mainly an illegal crew, and good at it. Perhaps u have to live in Londn to understand why they are raved about? oh, still cant find deeng image hosting site.........:(
  9. dont wanna sound moody, but will someone please respond to my request - looking for a decent no bullshit image hosting site to use, as fatcap seems to be down, and the others ive tried are just utter shite. ive got fliks to share, but i need someone to reply to this request. thankyou all.:rolleyes:
  10. cool, they were sum of the flix i wos gonna post anyhow! that trackside production out west was a stunner till it got taken out by chrome dubs. typical london, eh?! oh, and as 4 my request, any suggestions 4 a easy 2 use image hosting site, cos fatcap aint working 4 me no more??
  11. Yes ATG! By the way, this thread should be renamed, clearly to show it is ATG crew from London, cos many wont know, not clear enough. And for the haters who dont know, come 2 London city and see 4 yaself, these guys get up bare. know these r sum1 elses fliks, but what da fuk, lets get this thread going! :o :o :o :o :( :( :confused: :confused: :confused: ???? Fuckin file hosting bastards! Yahoo is shite, fatcap aint working no more, can anyone suggest a NO BULLSHIT easy 2 use file hosting site?
  12. scabymuff

    uk wall flixs

    Look, i know u guy r gonna screw at me 4 re-posting, but ive ad a fu drinks, and been away 4 a while 2 come back 2 THIS!!!!!! MY GOD, ALL U UK HEDZ SHOULD BE PROUD!!!these r just some of the flliks i love since i last saw this fred, but FUK ME - U SICK CUNTZ! Utterly impressed, PURE INSPIRATION......... http://www.confusedrobot.co.uk/hurtyoubad/dek-siks1.jpg'> http://www.confusedrobot.co.uk/hurtyoubad/posting/190703join.jpg'> http://www.confusedrobot.co.uk/hurtyoubad/27/s-s-d1b.jpg'> http://www.graffiti.org/dj/walls/battersea/large/13.jpg'> ^god,old eine 1 i know, but if only battersea looked dis good deez days eh?http://members.lycos.co.uk/nottinghamgraffiti/hpbimg/deadetail.jpg'> ^holy sheeeeeeet!http://http://www.confusedrobot.co.uk/hurtyoubad/29/skore-siks-dek4.jpg'> ...oh yeah baby......http://www.confusedrobot.co.uk/hurtyoubad/29/skore-siks-dek4.jpg'> and in reply 2 this wholey constructive comment... well mate, u know how it is, the london scene is comprized of 80% wankers, who dont give a flying fuck about the 'greater graff scene' - ie - HOW BEAUTIFUL CAN WE MAKE THE TRACKZ.TRAINZ...... A perfect example of thist is what happened 2 the ATG production at Kew - no names mentioned, but fuck me, WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT?Chromes will always rule in London, cos the competition is so intense.shame. :rolleyes:
  13. scabymuff

    uk wall flixs

    http://www.fatcap.co.uk/host/files/zedz1.jpg'> geez, aint seen dat 1 b4. zeds always continuez 2 burn - big up, of course.......:cool: :) :) :lick: :king: :king: :king:
  14. scabymuff


    not sure who went over it or why, perhaps it was personal beef, but it just aint right,broke my heart it did. there are enough chromes on tracks, i dont see the point in destroying sick full colours with more chromes, goes against the rules in my eyes. First time i went by this on the train, i was in complete shock, i got off the next station to check it out from the road. As i was looking, a woman came up to me asked what i was looking at (wos lerking in bushes and stuff, probably looked suspicious!), i explained and pointed to the wall. Turns out she lives opposite it, can clearly see it from her front door / window, AND SHE FUCKING LOVED IT! She explained how she wished all the graffiti could look so good, then people dont mind! You know youve done a gooden when jo-public is rating your stuff and not moaning, know what i mean. I wonder what she thinks of the wall now, eh?shame. Lets hope ATG return and re-do this plot.
  15. scabymuff

    uk wall flixs

    http://www.fatcap.co.uk/host/files/ccc.jpg'> born (sort of!) - eureka - akel - character by bleach - opsar - zeds > w.london
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