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  1. yeah youre not tellin me something i havent heard before but my question is this, do you think enough tips witht he same description of one dude will eventually lead to an arrest or enough evidence or is the old saying you have to be caught in the act still thea bsolute?
  2. oh my god pee-pee pants??? bwuahahahahahahaha yeah this shit is sickening me. these beuracratic faggots are all trying to start racial atrophy between the classes, thats all ths shit is.
  3. you think someone would actually bother callin the cops on some punk writing on shit witha marker?
  4. naw they just curious not mad. im stealthy i look out for police and security guards i just dont give a shit about college students.
  5. so im out havin a time riding my bike and walking up and down the streets. Every now and then catching tags, so i caught one on this bus stop bench and this fool has the audacity to stop and ask me what graffiti mens??? i told him not much im just a dirty rotten vandal and that its all part of urban culture. it happens all the time, niggas in this town are nosey as fuck. Anyone else got this problem?
  6. it sems that nobody likes anyone and you all sound like a bunch of fucking nancy ass school yard brats whining about who is cooler than one another. Ive been through austin recently enough to say who is up and it is the streets that do the talkin. I dont even really write graff i just like lookin at the damage. yall is some nerds on tha real tip for even arguing on tha net.
  7. 25 ta life is done with however that new darkest hour is just as sick as o sedated so secure and i cant wait for atreyu to drop another album.
  8. holy shit, i havent heard good hardcore like this since refused and by the grace of god. got that new album and im gonna go see them next friday whoooooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooo!! any thoughts hardcore kids?
  9. #1. Id stake out a high school girls locker room #2. Rack, Rack, Rack #3. watch my exgirl for awhile and hope she fucks her current boy in front of me. #4. then id complete the day by bombing the town
  10. exactly who are you mouthing off to? btw rise against is the shit shapeshifters are in the ATX tonight
  11. yeah like its all about the lonestar and rise against hoes.
  12. oh wow, 5000 posts your a fucking loser who never leaves your computer whoo hooo!!! dumbshit, go killyourself.
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