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  1. im not scared to back it up the only reason you have a bit of style is because your biting WYSE. and thats pretty mature " get over yourself and die", grow up.
  2. wow emun told you quite a bit about myself. okay whatever i respect that your up and been rocking for quite a while and your new shit at shell is pretty tight , ill give you that but you cant burn baron. who cares if its him posting his own shit i enjoyed it. i dont need any meaningless beef so ill leave it at that.
  3. well size i dont know why your dissing baron.... the guy has always been sicker then you ever will be. you have no style your shit under **********is garbage. you wrote all over a wets piece in meadowvale. if your gonna diss someone be able to burn them DON'T DROP INFO FUDDYDUDDY
  4. yo frate raper what do you write man. your dissing baron and as to someone i forget who saying.... " no one knew baron before this thread" your a fucking idiot. if you didnt notice the guy started out with characters paid his dues and now hes killing. so unless your a big head like baron shut your mouths. id love to know who you are freight raper.
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