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  1. prisoner

    DDS Crew London

    check the old mood reach in that diet flik. RIP
  2. window down colour thing running on electrostars from viccy, anyone caught it?
  3. prisoner

    DDS Crew London

    bollox get the fuck out of here, youre the biggest pile of shit to hit us since george bush, get off your fucking high horse and present yourself you fucking pussy, piss off, or at least actually admit to doing something productive 'mr photographer', a living joke....
  4. ginz, a londoner whose been living in aust(were the cockiest in the world)ralia for a while
  5. that is sad, RIP to a man that always pissed against the hurricane that is britney spears and s club 7
  6. prisoner


    that aint no myse throwup, where the M?? thats aces..
  7. prisoner

    DDS Crew London

    you have completely missed the point with some of these writers, its coming from a bombers perspective, you lay out a finely honed piece many times in all areas, then what do you have? an iconic image that transends areas, fuck, people dont even know where they saw your piece it could have been one of hunderds, youre just FUCKING up, and believe theres enough people out there oozing just as much style as there was way back when to keep any nostalgic fool entertained, you just cant be sitting on one platform knowing youll see something, youve got to put in some considerable time and effort to see this shit, = so i tell you what, you actually make half an effort to get out and really document some pieces 'mr photograffer', then come back with some proportional opinions, i just cant fucking stand this type of back seat driving from cunts that havent risked their lives day in day out and lost friends to jail and the sky above, so please mate, grow some brain cell before you write back to this
  8. prisoner

    DDS Crew London

    so you feel you have the right, as someone who cant even hold a can of paint with co ordination and any sort of style, to completely neglect the very impact and determination that some of these writers have had on the scene, having to produce these things under tighter forms of security and painting under exteme duress, producing tight pieces and flexing all these new(at the time) styles, and you come out with some 'because i was around into this shit when you were in diapers' bullshit, you know what youre a joke to me, you just sound like youre clinging onto the past too hard because you know noone else can dispute what was going on, well fuck you fool, me and my mates have played our part, taken all the consequences, and yes some of them were painting pre 90, so im not comming at you naively, ive been to the old school yards and checked pieces that had stayed hidden ever since they were painted in 'the golden years', so dont patronise me, sounds like ive done a fair bit more then you in graffiti, so shut up and whine somewhere else
  9. prisoner

    DDS Crew London

    you stupid faggot, post up your shit on here and see what people think, fucking hater, throw up a battle piece then, surprise me you soppy waste of cum
  10. prisoner


    lets have some more old school vimoas flicks, id like to see a bit of their history.....
  11. caught a window down wholetrain running up from denmark hill to blackfriars, full colour madness! might be out there tomorrow with some luck, get trainspotting!!
  12. nice window down and panels running on networkers, check the bridge
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