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  1. cantbefaded

    Marijuana Dosen't Harm Brain, Study Shows

    Ban, lose, cancel, close, etc.
  2. cantbefaded

    piercing my own ear

    I'm gonna be in 7th grade next year too!
  3. cantbefaded

    What keeps you coming back to 12oz?

    Nothing. In fact since these n00bs have been around so much lately, it's not so desirable to come here. Those are my final thoughts.
  4. cantbefaded

    AIM + Router = no file transfers.

    Re: finally... DMZ DeMilitarized Zone. That means that all incoming and outgoing ports are open. That makes your AIM work, but it also leaves you open for portscans, etc...
  5. cantbefaded

    12oz Llamas

    :lol: :cool: :P :crazy: :lol: :lol: :yum: :lick: :king: :idea: :lol:
  6. If he did that, I'd hope he put the Doom3 netplay code into it. yaryaryaryaryar.
  7. cantbefaded

    The 12oz Rubix Cube

    Haha, yes I was going to even post that. That is an amazing invention.
  8. cantbefaded

    12oz Llamas

    :rolleyes: You can't get your hero off your mind.:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :king: :king: :king: :king: :king: :king: :king:
  9. cantbefaded

    12oz Llamas

    haha, wrong thread idiot. Now, you're confusing yourself. Is three names too many?
  10. cantbefaded

    12oz Llamas

    Hey, look at this, watch... :lol: :lol: :lick: :yum: :king: :king: :) :P :crazy: :lol:
  11. cantbefaded

    12oz Llamas

    Hey Tease, don't you mean FAGGIT? And why you callin' your homie Daze a fag anyway, you all are best friends right? Tease, grow the fuck up you bipolar schizophrenic wigger. You're even calling yourself a fag now to try to throw people off the scent of your little multiple name scheme. "Stop playing yourself."
  12. cantbefaded

    CMENCUP aka TEASE Awareness.

    Tease, the only way you could post three times in a row in a minute's time is if you had three usernames. Gasp.
  13. cantbefaded

    CMENCUP aka TEASE Awareness.

    All three of ya'll fools are in the CMENCUP family of worms.
  14. cantbefaded

    "Click to Donate" websites...

    I bought a fast computer so that I can donate faster. But, yeah, you're right.
  15. cantbefaded

    CMENCUP aka TEASE Awareness.

    This is being reposted for those of you who may have missed this advisory on the first page. --The Twelve Ounce Task Force