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  1. Random Aussie Post Okies, Brisbane Okies, Melbourne Asma Okies , Brisbane Busie, Brisbane Next Munch, capped by QR ,Brisbane Seiko, Sydney More in a few mins.
  2. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v297/jackd/ArchesAugust14th20045.jpg'> How fucked are these fences, I know a lad who lost a stripe of flesh the length of his forearm and about 3 inches wide on one!
  3. Ok, simply put, A spot is always easier once it has been done before, It does not require the same amount of balls for doing it , or brains for sussing it out. Therefore sidebusting or spot jocking is wak. Graffiti isnt just about what you do , its how, where and why you do it. The latter three descriptives are not quite as apparent but equally important to a trained eye. Def
  4. -->Def$tar!

    Neck Face

    Listen here you popsicle, I mentioned my criminal history due to your comments about us thinking we are supercriminals, im not particuly proud of this I was simply using it as an illustration of what we writers generaly deal with. If I (or we) dont meet your definition of a real criminal Im not sure what you think a criminal is. In conclusion I think your a dreamy eyed art student who would love to have the balls to do some real 'street art' but have decieded to live vicariously through your idol assface.... assneck.... oh yeah neckass. Enjoy your life. Def
  5. -->Def$tar!

    Neck Face

    He stated that because he thought it would be a bit of a mutual 'high five' meeting ground. So we would read it and think, 'yeah that dudes not too bad after all'.. hahah
  6. -->Def$tar!

    Neck Face

    See the problem for you and your 'street art' ni99as (note the use of numbers in a controversial word, for a double wammy like affect) is that you guys are only just figuring out what we as writers have known for about 30 years, at the end of the day society doesnt give a fuck about creative individuals. But in terms of approach you little fuckers are still in your honeymoon phase with the illegal side of art which means you are trying to justify it to a dieing post modernist gallery crowd. The best advise i can give you is tell your art teachers to go fuck themselves and do what ever pops into your trendy little heads, the simple fact that it is ilegal provides what you arty types refer to as 'political comment' but if you want 'cultural context' you need to freeform on the street or yard or where ever you plan to place your art. This is where stenciling and posters fail because it is premade, it removes a large degree of 'context' because it looks the same whether you place it on the busy street in town or the most isolated of back alleys, leaving it little more than a fashionable excersice.. comprende? Dont try to stereotype writers by calling us 'wanna be supercriminals' or somthing like that untill you have broken the law in highly visible places at least 100 times a week for a few years, been through court several times and had your ass kicked (brutality stlye) by the police more times than fingers on your hands. We do our thing, we dont ask for you acceptance or brag to members of the public about how bad/cool we are. So dont come off like your jelous because we have had the streets and transit systems on lock for 20 or 30 years (depending on where you are) and you guys are only discovering it. and 'street art' is definatly the tom hanks of the acting world.
  7. -->Def$tar!

    Neck Face

    Its most definatly the emo of rocknroll.
  8. -->Def$tar!

    Neck Face

    Ding ding ding, Def weighs in. Although I dislike you very much seeking, I have quite enjoyed reading your slightly paranoid rantings. As you may or may not recall, I do thoroughly enjoy semi inteligent net beef and this is most definatly a previously undiscoved hotbed. (stensilism 04) , (the matrix thread 03). To answer carlegs's question: What fuckin progression? This guy (as previously stated by someone else) is just riding a clearly identified bandwagon named by the art world as 'street art' , This being distinctly different from 'Hiphop graffiti' will die about as quickly as hypercolour tshirts did in the late '80s, due to a clear lack of substance. I am aware that within post modernism an emphisis on technique is not so nessacary but this is generaly balanced with comment of some kind. This is where 'street art' fails, it seems to place a much higher emphisis on trends and fashion, which arguably could validate its removal from the realm of fine art completly, so then what? We as (for the lamen) 'hiphop based graffiti writers' generaly see this 'street art' as rubbish and want nothing to do with it. Why? because it has consistantly borrowed from us and not given anything in return. Why is that? because it does not adhere to the same idealisms as a writer. Street art is like graffitis gumpy little brother who only wants to ride the scooter because he see's big brother graffiti having fun on it. Where does that leave little old Neckface at the end of the day? Discarded by trendy art types and laughed at then forgoten by writers. Def. Oh an anyone who replies "I wheat paste" after asked what they do is an honaray DUFUS!
  9. Yeah, quit wasting your time with stencils.
  10. We play differnet games man, You I see a challenge, you see a waste of time. Us Aussies live for this kinda shit.
  11. Yeah man thats cool, just a different value system , reguardless I personaly think it would still be worth trying, coz if you DID actaully get over think about how fuckin magical that photo would be! I have painted a few tiny systems like that, and yeah there will be major heat but I think one fill in on somthing like that would be worth a few hundred on the street, comprende? Yo seeking are you an active writer ? just interested is all.
  12. Man that sucks. As if you couldnt 1. get hold of some keys 2. Pick some locks 3. Break in somhow and so on. Ppl paint trains in sheds commonly in Australia and throughout Europe. Not to diss and start some my country is better than yours shit, more to encourage anyone who dare try the impossible. Hey please post more atmospheric photos of Detriot I fuckin love the look of that city.
  13. He wasnt Moas when he did the WC. So technicly no, to my knoledge there has been no Moas on American steel.
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