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  1. SHAOlin FREL ENDER BRACE and of course the afore mentioned SPORK1ner
  2. "COS"

    how do you...

    yo call me a pig if you want, but i write alone, and it gets lonely. ive been writing for about two years and im trying to get up with a clique in my area, but i never met anybody in it. im really tryin to join them, but i dont know how if i caint never talk to any of them. how do you join a crew, do you gotta be down with the members? what would happen if somebody just started claiming without getting "accepted"?
  3. dirty as fuck good lookin. keep it up. :king: especially the last one
  4. "COS"

    a outline

    my opinion is: fuck everybobys opinion, if you like it, keep it. but im not saying their contsructive remarks arent good. :king:
  5. oop, bad post, ill fix it lata
  6. http://www.fatcap.co.uk/host/files/fo%20virs.bmp'> woot woot
  7. bustown flava wand is tight as fuck hery too tons of dope writers in the c.o. big ^'s
  8. "COS"

    One sketch

    damn fine eye got word man "THE EYE" its a talent that all writers should have, but very little do ironically. props :king:
  9. yeeeea! tight job on the posts wes. i KNEW bustown would finally get repped on this muthafucka. big ups to aws bsa 3wa tfc, etc..... wussup with wand? wands a killa, mad style, big ups. out of those posts i like herys the best:king:
  10. check a style #1 it hot:cool:
  11. "COS"

    Alphabattle E

    im lovin tha pink hhhhhhomie:cool:
  12. "COS"

    alpha battle D

    haha, okay itll be up later.:king:
  13. "COS"

    alpha battle D

    :lol: you really think so? wut do you mean by ":rolleyes: " exactly? i know it aint great, but it actually only took like 3 minutes, so in that case it aint bad:lol: dont know wut i was thinkin with the purple:confused: anywayz, its late over here, i can get a real one up 2morrow:lol: tight daze.
  14. "COS"

    alpha battle D

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :yum: my girlfriend is tasty. fo'sheezyhttp://www.fatcap.co.uk/host/files/d2.bmp'>
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