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  1. bros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. ^^^^ Love how those roof tops are battered in the background too Quoted post [/b] is that duisburg?
  3. i did community service with that guy acid ...... i had no idea that he was ill like that
  4. thereke187

    South America

    only a few showed up for me, and they looked like a bunch of scratch filled crap on scrap trains to me
  5. s-bahn mania germans are on point
  6. well ill be damned if i can do that at some point in my life im just going to quit graff
  7. that train with the octopus is fucking incredible...... germans never let me down on trains
  8. thereke187


    heres a piicture of the music weatherman yall http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v292/gayone/images.jpg'>
  9. these guys rock the spot...... a+ guys in my book
  10. thereke187

    nsf crew

  11. ^ WOW that train is incredible im in awe
  12. i really like a few of those 2004 walls in there
  13. yea man!!! barcelona rocks man, i got so god damn wasted there like every night and just killed shit..... paint tags, marker tags, fillins..... it was the shit.... when i was there i seen dr sex up, my boy causr from canada, espo, this guy elotes from chicago i think,and a few other writers from all around.... i wish i would have went there again this year
  14. niggy?!?! who the fuck says niggy?..............gay
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