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  1. totally cute girl: http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00404425f00000002.jpg'> and another: http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00404425f00000003.jpg'>
  2. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00404425f00000001.jpg'> A girl I know, with two fucking cute cats, grindcore and Sully (grindcore is grey sully is yellow)
  3. alou

    For my girl..

    Hahahaha. that would be amusing.. and sad but mostly amusing
  4. alou

    Character Post

    :lol: nice, abort. i like it but not as much as i like the last character you posted. i dont like the way welcome to looks in this picture. but the neverland ranch looks good i think. theres two different perspectives between the two. one sign is looked at from above, the other below. i think you should have stuck to one way. i dont know, just my two cents
  5. alou

    Character Post

    im not feeling that sketch too much abort.. ive seen better characters by you. its definitely better than i could do however
  6. Mile didn't post a damn thing.. how the hell does he get your vote????
  7. alou

    The 3D pages.

    damn kid, you never fail to wow me ill tell you that much. color me impressed
  8. alou

    The 3D pages.

    :lol: hahah you are such a dork ;)
  9. that is fucking wicked switchum. seriously damn good :)
  10. aria would be hotter if her eyebrows werent so fucking weerd... girls should just go au natural that drawn on shit scares the hell out of me
  11. whats that tattoo say on her very lower stomach?? (is it a tattoo even) :confused:
  12. Re: from the land of the igloo and hockey that's pretty fucking wicked. me likes :)
  13. :confused: when does this round end? is there a winner in the abort99 vs mileking battle? :confused:
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