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  1. cant imagine what life was like before the movement. glad i dont have to realize it in the physical. thank god for martin. respect
  2. if black people have to deal with flavor of love and i love new york be thankful all you folks got to deal with is the white rapper show.
  3. things got way to twisted over time. i think if jesus returned and reexplained the bible to everyone wed for the most part be way off. too many things went unsaid. its all about the things our eyes arent strong enough to see buaha. i think we all should believe whatever we want then wait to find out. i think our essence assends into the sky to be greeted by the ones who passed before us and if we are fortunate enough we get to meet god as soon as we get there then again we got all eternity to do that. big parties in the sky. itll be too late if reality chooses to prove me wrong, but i wont care then anyway. use your imagination.
  4. george bush is a fool. republicans are stuck in the past.
  5. word, except you spelt criticism wrong. im not muslim but i respect if someone wants to believe in something. there will always be muslim people. judging them by some radicals is rediculous. we need to see people and life on more of an individual basis and realize there are always gonna be people who do outrageous seemingly senseless things, better they do it for their beliefs than cause of a rock song. fuck what the few radical muslims did but more than enough people paid for it with their lives. but anyway the thing with congressman goode shows the ignorance that we have while choosing the people who run our country. this guy like went through a time machine from the past to the future to say that shit or something. you should have to pass a standardized test before voting cause that fool is an asshole. i bet he respected ali. maybe one day the ignorance will be behind us and we can look back and recognize how disgusting and primitive that shit is. overall fuck that guy man. what a douchebag.
  6. great man. very influential in the creation of hip hop. an innovator and frontiersman. i know heavens welcomed you with open arms. respect.
  7. its all a plot to trick white people back into acting white. peep that.
  8. hip hop is real and getting better. if you cant find it then it then your losing out. if all else fails good music is not affected by time. hip hop is tasteful. fuck your face
  9. im actually taking a course with the same title "meaning of existence." we live and we die. when we die we either are nothing and cease to exist all together or the other thing become apart of some sort of afterlife. karma seems retarded in my opinion. if someone is looting in the first place chances are something bads gonna happen to that person. bad things happen to bad people. i like to think that something dealing with the brain happens in our moment of death and there is something after living in this world but its impossible to know. ultimately life means nothing. existence means nothing. we do things to make ourselves happy because it feels good. if there is a god then he truly is a "kid with an ant farm." choosing a religion is useless because there are so many and one way or another whatever happens is gonna confront us and i doubt everyone who didnt choose christianity is gonna be denied by god that would make everyone who died before christ without a chance at heaven. i feel like the most reasonable thing we can do is hope for some sort of afterlife while continuing doing whatever it is that we like to do to satisfy our primitive cravings. also trying to take in the idea of the universe and its endlessness is just outrageous and suppose there is and end to the universe. . . wtf. it all goes in circles and noone will know until it happens. to sum it all up im now legally insane.
  10. lauryn hill-mtv unplugged little brother-the listening
  11. to be honest bro that shit looks mad influenced. like the extensions, the spacing, the ground up, idk just the over all style. well it seems near impossible to come out with an original looking wildstyle nowadays anyway but just wanted to give you my opinion on that. its still one of the sickest things on this thread sadly. haha i dont give a fuck cause most of the fags on this thread suck and do nothing but self promote and kissass all day. i still think this thread should be closed if seakr and akrb stopped posting and drew on their own this thread would be a tad better but probably would still suck basically because its a horrible representation of hawaii graffiti and it never actually caught on. you guys should just start another thread called hawaii beginers or something cause people probably really do think hawaii sucks hahaha. not that i give a fuck though oh and sein you should color that shit in then we can really see what it would look like.
  12. no? dont ever ask me who i am. are you an idiot if i dont know you im not gonna just tell you who i am over the internet you fagg. anyway hapn quit doing graffiti . . . that toy and i beat his ass until he cried for his mom, are you down with that fool? if you really wanna know what i write maybe one day youll get lucky and see me bombing or in a ditch until then kiss my ass.
  13. either way if the guy writes bafl and it looks like gafl then he should quit fucks and yes ive seen his shit around but im saying this thread is full of self promotion so it should be closed and shut the fuck up cause i dont give a fuck what you like. oh and struk ill call you be patient we got alot of time to paint together, im just gonna work on some stuff on my own some more before i go out and paint with social cats like you. but if you wanna smoke some joints or take hits from a bong sometime or something then let me know. peace
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