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  1. is the website cleardrear? sorry folks, old website that had the domain expire. take it easy, i dont endorse porn. -dan
  2. Before you start saying how internet 'schemes' and 'scams' are just a waste of time and money, check this site out: http://substitute.sphosting.com/freeipod.htm It basically explains how the marketing behind FreeiPods.com works. No bullshit, people have been getting free iPods. Basically how it works, is you sign up with FreeiPods.com, and then complete an 'offer' (signing up with one of their affiliate site, like AOL or Ancestry.com which both have free trial periods). Once you have completed the offer, you cancel your subscription with AOL or Ancestry.com before the trial period is over, and refer 5 other people to sign up too atFreeiPods.com They will send you your choice of a mini ipod or a new 20 gig as soon as 5 people have signed up and completed an offer as well using your referral link. You simply have to cancel the AOL or Ancestry.com subscription before the end of the trial period and it will be completely free. If we work together on the forum we can refer eachother so almost everybody can get an iPod. I have seen this done on many forums before and is quite successful. Before you criticize blindly and ignorantly, check this out on other forums. Look it up. You will see that this has worked for many people, and isnt a scam at all. -dan
  3. theta

    The 3D pages.

    word cam is right, noum does bite
  4. theta


    sake joker revs espo delta kaws dondi futura 2000
  5. http://www.gnometoys.com/12/soag3.jpg'> i like this one. simple and clean
  6. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00272519f00000020.jpg'> dig the style and colours
  7. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00334311f00000080.jpg'> http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00334311f00000079.jpg'> i feel those throws and the 'z' in the second one
  8. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00334311f00000080.jpg http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00334311f00000079.jpg i feel those throws and the 'z' in the second one
  9. theta

    Spray safe!

    instead of blowing through caps to clear them after painting, or having to drop em in paint thinner, just put the cap on an empty can and spray it. doin this will save you from getting your mouth on a cap or using thinner which is pretty harsh.
  10. well i havent been doin graf for nearly as long as most of the cats talkin in this thread, but i personally feel the internet and most new graf media as an inspiration to go write, like a skater would watch a skate video to get him pumped for skating. i dont use the internet as a how to, or read the 12 oz threads so i can find things out i couldnt find out on my own. i think the new age of graf is one where writers can unite and share ideas, not hate or find quick and easy 'graffiti writer tutorials'. and since i dont really know many other people near me that write, if i didnt have the internet or magazines i would have no idea what kind of styles are going on around the world. however i do agree that the mailorder graf shops take things a bit too far. thats my piece
  11. theta


    mic check. just suggesting you switch your m at least if youre gonna stick to rocking that style. http://www.daim.org/daim0018.jpg'> http://www.stick-up-kids.com/image/writers/daim/daim11.jpg'> http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b3d831b3127cce891b7ddf36620000001610'> http://seemesmile.com/photos4/2948844a.jpg'> http://seemesmile.com/photos4/2906030a.jpg'> the rest of your style is dope, and some of your stuff where the m isnt bit are rad (simples). my suggestion is to change the m and you wont get called on biting so much. not trying to hate... -theta
  12. i call most of what mentos and hesk do "abstract" only because it represents the closest thing to abstract movements in the art world outside of graffiti. lots of it really reminds me of the cubist stuff like picasso, and the lines and styles are far from the usual graf wildstyles and throws, so i wouldnt say abstract is too far off base of what it is. thats just my opinion though. -theta
  13. a few pics i enjoy: bonsai http://www.cleardrear.com/misc/abstract/bonsai.jpg'> anie http://www.cleardrear.com/misc/abstract/das.jpg'> hesk http://www.cleardrear.com/misc/abstract/hesk1.jpg'> newz http://www.cleardrear.com/misc/abstract/newz.jpg'> persue http://www.cleardrear.com/misc/abstract/persue.jpg'> super http://www.cleardrear.com/misc/abstract/super_01.jpg'> super and tour http://www.cleardrear.com/misc/abstract/supr_tour.jpg'> super and tour http://www.cleardrear.com/misc/abstract/supr_tour_02.jpg'> unk http://www.cleardrear.com/misc/abstract/unk.jpg'>
  14. http://cleardrear.com/misc/theta.JPG'> hey im new to the whole graf scene and the 12 oz. forums, so i thought id post a pic of my first actual piece done with paint. its kind of abstract, im pretty inspired by some cats up here in canada like hesk and mentos, so i gave it a go and heres what i came up with. any comments/criticism would be rad, and i was also thinkin it would be cool to make this a thread for any abstract pieces out there. anybody with flix feel free to contribute. -theta
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