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  1. Ahh, 10 years ....how time flies. CONDEM - SEVENTIES MAGIC - R.I.P .... Quoted post [/b] Hey papa i got the flix of it i would post it but the gentlemen behind it dont really want it posted as it's a personal thing to them i think ? Email me and i'll mail it direct,Was done at Orpington not sure how it ended up over where you saw it.
  2. Going down to hoxton tonight so i'll be sure to get some pics while i'm out & about :)
  3. Its nice to have a regional spot i thought i could be wrong though !! :huh2:
  4. Found these today in my local subway in Acton,West London. Condem 36 Rest In Peace
  5. discosteve

    On my travels

    Reading & Edinburgh :chicken:
  6. discosteve

    On my travels

    This ones not bad for a female attempt i thinks....... :clown2:
  7. discosteve

    On my travels

    And he only popped out the car for a pack of fags ............. :huh2:
  8. Correct me if i am wrong but did'nt rough grass up some bigger writers when he got caught ??? Totally lost all respect for the cnut after that and if i saw a hit up of his he would get lined out from me !
  9. Vanz , fun & uni Were the real talented writers from that neck of the woods i always thought nice fella's too shame they had to go like my mums apple pies and CRUMBLE :( ........ They could do it all really piece bomb and leave decent looking tags behind ! Anyone remember RIF 121 tags ?? he easily in my view was the best tagger from that aera when he used a torch pen his tag just looked wicked :)
  10. Nahhhhh BUBS used to do this square block B type thing before he actually started leaving his tag around i remember him doing the hayes line every station had this lil B thing on it .......... Cine was a great tarck walker has anyone got pics of his dubs on the south coast line ? he had some nice dubs up there :idea:
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