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  1. sometimes i wish of reverting to the buddhist monk "no worries , no problems" but i just want to much stuff, and it's the "want" that's killin' me.
  2. no i did a count and i make $15,600.00 per year, and big oaster no im not being sarcastic, i think it's the type of job that i have that i expect to be making more then a measly $15,600.00 per year.
  3. it's a lot faster to type and people know what "g" means so shut the fuck up.
  4. This sucks, i just did a count and im only making 12,000 dollars a year, that's like nothing, i just turned 19 years old, i should be making a hell of a lot more then this. damnit, i need a new job!!
  5. Model - Saturn Sl1 Year - 1994 Miles - 127,000 Had to take it to the shop for - water pump exploded, brakes leaked, brake pad split in two, tires blew up at the same time (2 of them) and theres a ching ching sound coming from the engine since one of the valves is off, it shakes over 75 miles an hour on the highway, and it overheats like a mofo. Nothing like turning on the heat full blast in 90+ degree weather. Misc - it's got many scrapes and lots of paint stains, other then that there is really nothing wrong with it
  6. Descanse en poder. I grew up with celia cruz man, nothing like banging out salsa in virginia. She will be missed by this loser.
  7. yep, hot air balloons are the shit, but since your in the area take her down to oldtown alex. on a saturday night on one of those boatride restaurant things, really romantick, I met my girl through the internet, i thought i was fucking wierd, i am wierd, i met my girl through the internet, but fuckit, i have her now and it doesnt matter how i got her.
  8. http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthrea...highlight=robot yea, that was cool a month ago.
  9. oneeightyone


    it's not even about the graphics "bro", it's the story of the film, the graphics sucked by the way, when the manaquin head melted, why was that shown? why?, and i could care less about the graphics, i dont watch a movie for graphics my friend, too many CG in one movie is a bad thing. , the movie sucked so much for me to enjoy any of it, and no, T4 is not going to come out since this one sucked so much ass. and it's crowds, not crouds.
  10. oneeightyone


    T3 sucked ass, big time, it had comedy in it, what the fuck, it's the TERMINATOR, no comedy, cheesy lines, fuck that, in no way shape or form this this movie even come close to getting compared to T2, yea, it's still got the same actor it in, but you can tell he's old as shit, and like someone already said above, the things the T-X can do are unbeleiveable, sortof like superman fighting a kryptonite monster, it sucked. It would have kicked mondo ass if eddie furlong was playing john conner again, now that's a movie, but this shit sucked. Damn people trying to remake reallly good movies, and the computer graphics sucked, i hate that every movie now-a-days has about 95% computer graphics and 5% live action...what happened to the good ol' days when movies kicked ass, damn this piece of shit movie, damn it all to hell.
  11. cat photos camera computer any clothes i can grab.
  12. When a kid is talking, i hate the sound of little kids giggling, that shit makes me want to murder someone. When i hear a person talk on one of those Radio Cellphones, and they use it as a radio, why the fuck do you need that? when the girl im seeing one day says i love you, then the next day ends the convo with bye, i get so fucking pissed that she doesnt love me that she hates me, so i hate her back, and i feel like murdering something
  13. I personally think your a fucking idiot, you got yourself into this mess and it's because of a little bad habit, you fuck with drugs, you deserve what it is that comes to ya, if you die, hey that'll suck, but you paid for it with a dime bag buddy, but if indeed you are a big druggie kinda guy, i doubt your life meant much.:p
  14. god damn, that's fucking horrible, man, jeezus man, what's wrong with you.....damn, just...damn.
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