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  1. Jesus christ, De-Loused in the Comatorium is one of the most incredible albums i have ever heard. Once you know the story of the trip towards suicide the act, the adventure, and the final decision, the music just paints pictures for you to remember forever. It's been ages since ive heard an album as good as this one, i want to get a petition going to make ATDI get back together again. Sparta Kicks Ass The Mars Volta Kicks Ass ATDI KICKED MAJOR ASS.
  2. i thought it was pretty good to tell you the truth, some new audio for the ears.
  3. I remember the exact time it happened, i was outside at like 1 in the morning fucking around with my sisters boyfriend, when i came in and it said Princess diana car crash, and it showed the wreck on the tube, didnt think it was six years ago, damn im old.
  4. oh shut the fuck up. i hate you fucking kids seriously, go give head to the neigborhood hobo.
  5. I have...twice. Once when i was working at a restaurant, i went into the back room and as i was cutting the lettuce, this nice big assed bitch came right by me and instant wood, so had to rub it out, and the second time was in my bosses chair, i squeezed one out.
  6. i used my real name and my name is DOUBLE FISTED
  7. goddamn motherfucker, that shit scared the fuck out of me, whoa man, fuck.
  8. Im in charge of administration at a legal office, i dont like it very much, except the fact that bitches think im loaded, plus now and again i steal the cotton paper to draw on, which is kinda nice for the few minutes i have the interest for it. I make big money transfers from clients and other companies and i fucking go to court with clients and talk to prosecutors when the attorneys dont want to. and when im not doing that im painting, i feel like clark kent.
  9. Id have to kill at least two cops, werd. Big ol' bloody shootout, or a machete massacre. I want to be hunted down and shit, werd. but never drowning, fuck that way. actually, i want to live forever.
  10. what would i do for a day of invisible fun? 12:00 AM - Get up and walk outside naked. Masterbate on the curb. 12:05 AM - Walk next door to my hot neighbors house, get inside, find her bed, have fun with pulling her sheets off and touching her while she sleeps, end this session with masterbating over her. 12:45 AM - Walk outside and take a heap in the middle of the street. Leave a note in it saying "Roadrunner Food" 12:55 AM - Break a car window (probably an expensive car), wait until the owner comes outside with the key to turn the alarm off, kick his ass and take his keys, while saying things like, "dont cry, dont cry, dont cry" Get in the fuckers car and watch his startled face as i take off. 1:05 AM - Take a ride around town, going real slow when there is people and then watch them try to be heroes and stop the "car whose parking brake went out" then when they get near, hit the gas and laugh. 2:00Am - Go into the grocery store, preferrably a 24hour store and put my meat on the meat in the meat section. Also i would grab the bread and throw it randomly at people walking by. 2:50AM - Get a lot of lighter fluid from this grocery store and lighters, lots of that, leave a big puddle of fluid in the middle of an aisle with a lighter next to it, when someone comes to check it out, light that fucker up. 3:10AM- Catch a bus and take it around town, find a nice looking woman on this bus, though at this time that is unlikely, but alas if i do, i would stand over her from the seat in front of her, and put my penis about an inch from her face, that smack her with it. 3:50AM - Continue with the cock smacking. 4:20AM - Contnue with the cock smacking. 5:00AM - Get off the bus at a nice neigborhood, wait outside of a nice house and wait for the people to leave, go inside this house and lounge around for a while, possibly wack off in the lady of the houses panty drawer, look for a kids room. Take an old journal and do some nice pretty outlines in there. Get lots of tape and seran wrap if they have it, or tin foil and make artistic pieces out of their furniture. While here i would possible turn their t.v.'s backwards, facing the opposite direction, write a note and stab it into the wall, then note shall read, "we know you have it, we will be back.", then trash the childrens rooms, leaving the other rooms intact. 6:10AM - Find a bus stop in this same neighborhood, around this time high school kids are going to school, get onto this bus and find a nice girl, one of those girl next door types, stand next to her since i dont want to sit cuz that would cause suspicion in her, or maybe not.hmmmm, well anyway, i would run my fingers ontop of her breast, pinching it ever so often. Run my fingers down her crotch of course, and just basically molest this girl........but with love. 6:40 AM - Get to the school, walk around and brush up against little horney bitches, find a hot teacher and slap her ass, find the principal and fuck him up with his / or her (equal oportunity ass kicker over her) own telephone. 7:10 AM - Find the P.A system in the school, start singing some hardcore goodies, saying shit like Rise against your master, start crying like a little girl and blabbing about the death of the slavemasters, scream about the corruption of the youth, Tell all the girls that if they are not virgins, they are sluts and no man will ever love a slut, tell all the guys, that the average size of a guy is 8 inches, 7:50AM - find the girls locker room, walk around and try to find one of those "dirty talks' that bitches have, listen in and giggle ever so often, if anybody says "this is wierd", push them agains a locker and scream "YOUR FUCKING RIGHT" into their faces. 8:20AM - obviously by this time people know i am here, so i would say fuckit, i would walk around and fucking punch people, just push people and throw them down the stairs and shit, throw chairs and shit around, break things, Leave the school, but not after another session of teenage molestation. 12:00 PM - Find myway into a walmart, get as many cans as i can carry, start doing throwies outside the store, throw the unused cans at passer-by's . Keep doing this for about another 2 hours, just cover the outside with throwies. 2:00PM - Walk around this walmart, that is if they havent shut it down thus far and find big breasted ladies, then rip their shirts off, i would find me a leatard (sp?), and go into the dressing room, obviously it would mold to fit me, and therfore i would be the incredible leatard man, with no head feet or hands, and pretend to be a manaquin, while doing this, i would get a monster boner, and stand in the barbie doll section, with barbie horseriding me. 4:00PM - I would steal many more cans of paint, and walk around town, bombing cars stuck in traffic, and breaking windows and shit, just doing reckless destruction. 6:00PM - I would go back to my neighbors house at this point and find the one i nuted on earlier, they are twins, so yea, twice the fun, follow this bitch around the house and wait for her to sit down or something, stand in front of her and wack away, then of coarse, give her a nice facial, id like to do this preferrable when she is speaking with her mother, or her little sister. 8:00PM - Find another car, go to a gas station and drop the hose, then start spraying gas all over the place, i would then leave a trail and light the fucker up with the lighters from the grocery store, i want to smile at this. 10:00pm - start heading home, one day of invisiblity is nice, but i dont want to be found naked outside, i would again go into my neighbors house, and do the same thing over again, probably this time, go at her, or her little sister. 11:00Pm - get onto 12oz and write about my invisible day. 11:30Pm - go ouside and masterbate on the curb again. 12:00Am - go to sleep.
  11. just went out looking for it and picked up AUDITION, what the fuck, this director is hella crazy, little girls getting their thighs burned by fingerless foot less men, her playing fucking accupuncture in the eyes and shit, what the fuck, this movie totally kicked my ass, i need to get ICHI THE KILLER fucking soon, my new best director, this shit is sick oh my god, i sound like a fucking teeny bopper.
  12. holy fucking shit, i gottta get that movie, even if it sucks, the violence and grotesque meter of the movie is a must have, fuck yea, man, that made my day.
  13. one time it was before school about 3 years ago, it was 7.Am and noone was home, or so i thought, the computer desk is directly in front of a big bedroom in the basement, there was this old man renting that room. So i get the morning wood, log onto the computer and start wacking away, and for some reason i picked up the nearest sock, so i dont splooge the comp. mid wack the guy comes out of his room and i turn in a surprised fashion towards him with this fucking gym sock coming out of my pants, he laughed at me and called me shameless.
  14. holy fucking shit, my nuts hurt and my ankles went numb, what the fuck, my ankles!!, that's some of the most fucked up shit ive ever read, no way that is real, nobody is that dependent or fucked up. or maybe there is someone.
  15. why is this thread 281 pages long? why?, ive never read anything before, except the first page with that nice fat ass picture. man, some of you guys are really losers.
  16. yea i didnt know you didnt voluntarily go.............i still think your a pussy
  17. a.t.d.i = arcarsenal, one armed scissor, quarantined, helitrope, raushace boysetsfire=after the eulogy sarah brightman=who wants to live forever, dust in the wind gnr=terminator 2 song deftones=anything but that pussy shit they are coming out with lately
  18. well, cuz you joined the military dumbass, i dont get why people cry about killing people when that's what the military is about, kill people to make other people safe, fuck, stop crying
  19. Id bang it, but damnit, i hate the fact that little girls look up to this skanky woman, and yes, she's a woman, so i dont understand the whole change my image bullshit that most of these pop stars go through, what a crock of shit, dont teenagers do that shit, not fucking 20 year olds, i hate celebrities.
  20. holy fuck, id just dig my face into that fat and leave it there for a minute, damn that bangin' I HATE YOU..........nigga.
  21. yea,the mark mcgwire "rookie" that i have is actually the first card in which he appeared in a major league uniform, the 1985 american team one is the one i think your talking about, im still keeping my eyes open for that frank thomas error card from 87 i beleive, i have the reissued one, but the one without the name is still missing from my hands. and that ted williams, im jelous as well, plus this guy had about 5 copies of each card, incredible that the guy sold his dads stuff like that, but man, what a sweet deal. I looked into another box and found a 1989 sammy sosa white sox, not the rookie card, but damn could that guy rock a jerry curl.
  22. I just came into possession of 3000+ baseball cards from 1987 to 1991 for 30 dollars, i opened up the 1987 case and bam, made my money back in the first 5 cards. Mark Mcgwire rookies, bobby bonilla, barry bonds, jose conseco, ken griffey jr, rookies, this guy sold his dads collection, he went through the Traded series since there are a few missing but the rest is intact, complete sets from 1988 and forth, fucking unbeleivable. anybody else into baseball collecting?, and if so what's your most prized, not even most expensive but the best one in your collection.
  24. Did anybody other then me notice the gargantuan monkey feet the broad on the left has, what the fuck, those are nasty huge.
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