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  1. this is what i was talking about earlier, you can take deductions, but you cant take them so excessively that they will raise eyebrows..and seeing as how you are an accountant, i do not beleive that the deductions will be up there that you will actually get some money back, just be careful what you do in the future. Why do i have the thought of having a White collar criminal crew....man, that idea surpasses gay on so many levels.
  2. Like i said before, if they ever start asking questions, the solution is to say it was a mistake, fix it and get it done with, the error would be on your part and your family in the clear. Simple.
  3. This is funny since im always on 12oz checking stuff and spend all my free time painting letters on walls, but im an overseas manager for an international law firm., i cant count the many times ive been in court with clients because of tax issues...you guys think criminal court is tough try heading towards tax court. So im just letting you know a lot of information that would seem common knowledge so to say in my work enviroment... I deal with the shit on a daily basis and i know how much people fuck themselves over because they do not know all the laws regulations and changes that happen on a daily with government organizations. It might seem square to think this way but sometimes the best way to avoid trouble is to not do it "the graffiti way" ....i know that there are those "have to do it this way to get it" deals but just try to avoid them the best you can in the future. And i wouldnt worry much about the issue at hand, like my mom said once, the only thing you cant fix in life is death. So if shit does indeed happen, man up and go at it and fix it. Simple
  4. if it's in the multi millions then dont worry about it, even if they ask for the differnt number and name, then it's no big deal, on the family tip, they can just say the number was off by one, no big issue, clean it up and skip away happily. I thikk the irs is immune to any kind of emotional connection to real human life, seriously, it's strange but these people work as a team to create a monster of pure 'by the book' standards. It's scary really. Gangsta.
  5. I remember when capt' crunch had those hotwheels cars, those were the motherfuckign shit, i remember haveing a black porshe, how about the rings, and sometimes they even brought little lego sets, like a small car or something (isnt that hazardous). I wonder why they stopped.
  6. If it's like that then there really is no big issue, just a "mistake" like you said... if the amount is so small that it's just a spec on a big dirt pile then there really should be no problem..it all depends on how much of a good taxpayer the company is really.
  7. i didnt get this, until about 5 minutes of reading it over and over. and by bleehh i meant neutral.
  8. Essentially if he doesnt do something about it. . but that's all relative to where he is exactly and what it is that he did..because errors can always be corrected.
  9. I will not ever comprehend the whole, treat me like a queen and at the end of the night ill let you know that im already goign out with someone. I remember once i took this girl to the art museum...wonderful day, before we go she gets all quiet and tells me she got drunk with 3 of her ex boyfriends' friends and stuff happened...what the fuck!?!?!.... Be beleive i sat across from her on the metro and havent talked to the skank since....well not a lot at least. Gangsta.
  10. I think a great color scheme is gray and orange, just because it's a hot color next to a bleehh one. Gangsta.
  11. One of the graveyard workers ..i was talking to this 7-11 worker the other day about that shit. Here's what he told me and i later did some research on it, i apologize but i dont have the link to where exactly i found this info. It has to do with setting back your mind's "clock". What i read had to do with about the time your about to fall asleep or you feel like going to sleep, go into a dark room and turn on a bright light, just stare at it..what happens is that your mind is "tricked" into thinking that you are indeed at an earlier time of the day, based on your perspective of what time light is normally seen. Try it, youve got nothing to lose, so when it's about midnight turn on a flourescent light or a really strong lightbulb. peace nikka.
  12. http://home.tiscali.nl/~ncsalas/bboy.jpg'> Nikkas know
  13. Oh my god, how long have i waited for this type of thread to arise. Here goes... At the end of the year when the employer sends the tax return in and on the employee deductions there appears a number that does not corralate with the name that it supposedly belongs to..get ready for some response. After 9/11 The Social security administration...Internal Revenue service...and the bearuo (sp?) of citizenship and immigration linked up so to say..so if one of those org's get information the other get the same information almost immediately. When the irs runs that number that is fake, it automatically goes and gets verified at the ss administration...when it shows up that this number does not go with the name given the employer will get a letter asking for the number to be corrected (only if said employee is getting paid as an "employee" i.e W2 and not as a sub-contractor), the employee will also get the same letter. In the past it was no big issue but after 9/11 and the scare that terrorist are working inside the walls, then they are cracking down..for example the big walmart debacle that happened, that was sent as more of a mesasge then anything else, also it's a fine of 10,000.00 dollars per day for hiring illegal workers. There is a way to get around this for the employer...for example seeking. if your working as a sub-contractor, then they can write the pay they give you off on a 1099-Misc. therefore they do not worry about you having a real ssn or not, but if you are using your real name and address (which is not the smartest thing to do) then you will get a letter asking you to verify the number, now the bad thing happens, if you get this letter,....let me rephrase that,...when you get this letter, you will have to verify it, if you do, then you wil have to pay the taxes on that 1099-misc. heres the fun part, if you work in an office then i doubt you have the same deductions as lets say a construction worker, and that means that working as a private contractor will cost you a pretty penny if you do not have deductions. and not everything can be a deduction relating to the type of job you have. If you do not verify it, then a lot of shit can happen, if this fake ssn is indeed a real one that pertains to another person in the world, and remember there are about 2 billion people in the u.s.a, then that person will get a letter, if they see that their ssn is being used by another person an investigation might occur and it can be traced back to the employer since it was their name that was paying said bad number...which in turn can lead to you..thus you are criminally guilty of fraud. If your family member got you the job, then they should have known better then to keep you under the table, if you indeed give a fake ssn then you better get ready for the letters to come to you. Even if it is a minor figure, there is a mistake so to say on the irs report, and until that mistake is corrected, please beleive your company will hear about it.
  14. Your IQ score is 117 This means you have exceptional verbal skills. You can easily make sense of complex issues and take an unusually creative approach to solving problems. Your strengths also make you a visionary. Even without trying you're able to come up with lots of new and creative ideas. And that's just a small part of what we know about you from your test results. Niggas' know.
  15. or tell y ou that they are seeing another person..or that they were the neigborhood pincusion...one thing that fucking pisses me off is you meet a new girl, then you get told she had sex with 22939280175 guys, and your the fool for wining and dining a whore.
  16. You are worth exactly: $1,064,864.00. Probably cuz im a spic.
  17. Im a bit biased, bro....it just looks like random colors, and ive had a few gallery showcases so im not non-artistic.. I just think it's a sortof, "trying to be different" type of piece and it's overplayed. Analysis: I think you tried to be "different", but therfore you ended up being the same as everyone. I dont like it, but that's my personal opinion.
  18. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^:lol: Gangsta...
  19. i remember when i had to leave my dog at the pound after it bit 2 kids.....i hope someone adopted it...i cried my eyes out that night. RIP your dog brother.
  20. god, if i ever get the chance id kidnap this girl and tie her up in the basement, give her sponge baths' and periodically smell her asshole...and lick it a little bit.
  21. id like to pull her hair and make her cry whilst doing her in the anus.
  22. NOVEMBER 7--Meet Billie Jo Hawks. The Kentucky inmate was just transferred to an isolation cell at the state's Correctional Institution for Women after jail officials discovered she was a man, baby. Hawks, 43, entered the state facility on October 22 after spending eight months in the women's section at a local Meade County lockup (Hawks was doing time on drug charges). The inmate's gender was determined via a physical exam earlier this week--something that was somehow, um, overlooked when Hawks was searched upon admission last month. In defense of the Kentucky prison officials, Hawks had been sentenced and booked as a female before he arrived to serve out a six-year sentence. http://www.thesmokinggun.com/graphics/art3/bjhawks1.jpg'> Yea.
  23. http://home.planet.nl/~newhouse/macgyver.jpg'> Everyone Remembers this guy, and if you dont then you suck. The time he took apart a shotgun and a bike and made a litle cart to pull his friend whom was just shot. How bout the time he fought bigfoot?....that's gangsta. Well, we have all had to do things that we would see as being a macgyver moment....making a glove out of a sock...Making a bong out of a potato...or my favorite, the duct tape selophane condom...painful but necessary. Post yours.
  24. there are about 20 dishes piled up next to my computer...i just cant fathom the thought of having to do actuall "work" inside my house, that's for the rest of the people living here, not me, i work outside the house, ...fuck work, im lazy.
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