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  1. raisone

    bomb bomb bomb

    a "dub" is two to three colours, more complicated than a throwup, but not not as complex as a "piece". yea
  2. first off, tripple a toad, your a dick. an about the guy in that film dirty hands two, seemed pretty cool te me, and he wasne european. i doubt most of you would have the balls te paint somethin in broad daylight in the middle of teh city.
  3. fuck u when the moneys tight, you gotta b stingy wit wot u buy. mah mate has only £5 a week to spend once the rent money has been spent. That leaves barely enough for food, and the paint has to go a long way. Luckily we're gettin free paint next week to paint someting for the local skate shop at a skate park. The security in dundee is fuckin insane, its got the highest density of cctv cameras in the uk. so rackin shit is hard.
  4. fuck that, i don't eat outta them until they've given me some head :yum:
  5. raisone

    net radio

    yea, that bassdrive site is good, cheers. u tried that one in the link i gave? theres a lot of diferent drum and bass mixes there. hope you other guys are having fun :lol:
  6. raisone

    net radio

    its great, anyone know any really good net radio sites, where you get streamed mixes? the only good one i know of is this http://www.breakbeat.co.uk/listen/listen-djmixes.html but its fuckin sweet.
  7. man, the fuckers. Causing a slow death like that deserves a fucking beating. I'd love te grab one a those fuckers by the throat and start poundin them in the fuckin teeth intill they choke on they're own blood. fuckers.
  8. raisone


    ok, for those of you who know yer history.... "rais" has that been done before by any respected writers?
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