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  1. theres smoke in my iris so i painted a sunny day on the insides of my eyelids-aesop rock
  2. requim for a dream and soon itll be pulp fiction or fight club
  3. no way, that shit was dope, after seeing that movie i was walking down the street and was like WHOA, it blew my mind.
  4. Portland OR New American Casuals 326 SE Morrison St Portland, OR 97214 phone (503) 294-0445 NAC sells lots of hard to find clothes brands, 2k......they have an art gallery and sell a full line of belton spray paints, local community activists, they are trying to turn the neighbor hood into a art gallery. assorted hard to find kicks.
  5. evaq22


    shit copic markers are fucking expensive a good alternative marker to them is the deleter brand still expensive but nothing close to how much copic is charching. copic is like four dollars a pen and deleter is like a dollar 50. so i have 75 deleter markers, 30 prismas, assorted sharpies, sir marks alot, some felt tip caligraphy pens, assorted nibs and brushes. im looking into getting an airbrush and more paints, but also i am going to be replacing the markers cuz most of them are dead though they had a good ammount of time in em. i would buy the copics before i go off to college though just a good idea to look into a resource where you can the inks for the copics
  6. shit joker you work leaves me speachless i like how this one has sort of the reflection of you taking the shot outdoors, it looks kinda cool since the reflection only shows up in the black areas, i dont know if you were going for this but i thought it looked cool with the outline of trees and a head on the black areas
  7. no kids.....as an alternative have a dog, maybe a wife ( i dont like the traditional styles of shit) go threw and do my art draw have an apartment in nyc open a gallery maybe or just do art draw design photography educate myself in everything. i dont need a car i like public transit and subways much more in big cities or just own a road bike. ya keep it simple but fresh and true
  8. next time bush visits san fran i want to hear that he has been raped by a big hairy gay dressed in the leather chaps and shit like that
  9. look past homos fucking homos and just people apreciating each other in the classical way (marriage) its like saying no you cant be freinds for the rest of your lives, but personaly i am against marriage i think its to old fashioned and people should just be partners, its like marriage is a huge deal when you can do the same thing with just expressing it you dont have to spend money on a wedding.....ok kinda off topic but i agree with joker here. this just shows how imature bush is actually most of waht he does is imature
  10. evaq22

    graffiti fashion

    about those shoes.......you can buy a pair of plain shoes and do all the painting, silkscreening yourself, good example of a writer who kept it real when he made a small time tshirt line with his own style and a great idea and sold it through a localy owned skate store( cal skate) his name is WEDIG so you may have heard of him and if you have (Joker you may have) if you have any of his pics post em' he has like ol english images of saints with ak's and nights with aks' and lances........icelandic mafia!
  12. id say def jux in general so aesop, lif, el-p, and cannibal ox! oh and DEL THA FUNKEE HOMOSAPIEN with heiroglyphics, the roots........ya all them cats is insane.
  13. oh ya its like greek or something? any def jux is just incredible.....fuck mainstream! Yo this is the sticker thread so nuff of this stuff we should start a def jux apreciation thread in the ground zero i think so we dont fuck up this beautiful sticker thread. AIGHT!
  14. actually he got his emcee name from when he did a small film in which his characters name was aesop and it stuck. it was either a film or a play some shit like that.......small time! def jux knows how to keep it real none of that mainstream bullshit!
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