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  1. something from a spotter site bristol
  2. LESS CHIT CHAT AND MORE FLICS http://catchme.pl/interrails/SLOVAKIA/picus_sct_bsk%20on%20NYC%20subway.01.jpg'> I BELIVE THIS GUY IS ALL THE WAY FROM SLOVAKIA :crazy: http://catchme.pl/interrails/SLOVAKIA/opal_sorta_sct%20NewYork%20city%20subway.01.jpg'>
  3. probly been posted b4 but gotta love the message he wrote http://catchme.pl/interrails/ENGLAND/nifty.01.jpg'> "32nd pannel" :lol: hehe
  4. http://sp8.fotologs.net/?u=sofarok&i=2004/02/19/1077210656.jpg&c=f'> found this last nite sofaroks site
  5. cheers for that is that much steel to hit in the south island ? or will i have to make a trip up to the north to get my fix? cheers
  6. where abouts can i find this style of train when im over next month? they looking avery modern compared to the corgated ones i seen? http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://image.pbase.com/u46/blitzer3/medium/29661080.P5100041.jpg'>
  7. http://www.trackoff.org/large/pf10.jpg'> now thats what u call hardcore damage lol :D is that nato as in nato or some one else?
  8. nice flicks LNS loving the greenery but i know more people have some fotos to be posted :lick:
  9. what has happened to this thread there used to be some sick flicks on here? i know u all got some good actions and bizzare photos to post up. so get to it and start posting them flicks :D
  10. http://www.confusedrobot.co.uk/hurtyoubad/49/sub-rainfall-rust.jpg'> just thought i add this in here.*edit*
  11. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ where is that from america? heres a flic found lerking in the shadows of my pc http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00413606f00000001.jpg'>
  12. fuck up ill post the flic later
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ BUMP for thos photos lestalad YW crew wc's of virgins :eek: :eek: nice to see some stuff on those trains keep the flicks comming :lick:
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