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  1. Dondi - biggest inspiration. He is a real king. RIP Long Live The King!
  2. wheres the story behind his death?
  3. i like his style, alot. how did trance die? RIP
  4. how did he die? RIP
  5. yo coro, wat happened to this thread, why u sttoped posting? post some new $hit...... feeling it all.
  6. MindInUse

    more stuff...

    i like it, but, i dont like them simples on the last paper piece...
  7. ^^^^^ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ^^^^^
  8. MindInUse

    Character Post

    mad hott, i like it, but it looks like a character from......Invader Zim!
  9. MindInUse


    CKit, i like your $hit, but do u color? u should try it sometime....
  10. MindInUse


    ^^^who has been playing Q-BERT lately?^^^ not dredz^^^
  11. Re: ???? this is some cra-z $hit....... like, how long did it take him to do that?
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